Dr J.L.G. Wong - Staff Profile

Dr Jenny Wong
Honorary Lecturer

Email: j.l.wong@bangor.ac.uk

Responsibilities within SENRGY/BU

Not directly employed by the University, Jenny is the managing director of Wild Resources Limited.
More detailed information concerning Jenny can be found at the Wild Resources Limited personnel page.

Research Interests

Sustainable utilisation of non-timber forest products. Tropical forest inventory.

Recent Publications

  • Mantau, U., Curl, S. and Wong, J. (2006) Towards a taxonomy of Forest Goods and Services (FOGS). In: Issues affecting enterprise development in the forest sector in Europe (ed. Niskanen, A.), University of Joensuu.
  • Wong, J. and Ambrose-Oji, B. (2006) Achieving effective Rhododendron control: summary and recommendations of an expert workshop. In, Craflwyn Centre, National Trust.
  • Slee, B., Ingram, J., Cooper, R., Martin, S. and Wong, J. (2005) United Kingdom. In: Acta Silvatica and Lignaria Hungarica: special edition COST E30 Economic integration of urban consumers' demand and rural forestry production. Forest sector entrepreneurship in Europe: country studies. pp 725-776.

Other Interests

NTFP based enterprise development.