Professor David Bowers
BSc (Manc) MSc PhD (Wales)

Photograph of Prof David Bowers


First degree in physics at Manchester, graduated 1972. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in physical oceanography at University College of North Wales, 1976-1980. Research assistant, later research fellow at UCNW and unit for Coastal and Estuarine Studies. 1985-1986 Research fellow, Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide. Appointed lecturer at Bangor University in 1987, senior lecturer in 1998. Research experience in the physical oceanography of shelf seas and estuaries includes considerable sea-going experience in the southern ocean, Indian Ocean and N.W.European shelf.

Research Interests

Optical oceanography of coastal and estuarine waters, particularly methods of extracting information about water contents from optical measurements. Member of the Marine Optics group at bangor, which is currently active in the following areas: remote sensing of suspended sediments in shelf seas through ocean colour, direct measurements of primary production in shelf seas using fast repetition rate fluorometers, relationships between yellow substance and dissolved organic matter in the sea, remote sensing of salinity using colour and tidal effects on the underwater light field.

Research Groups

Research Themes

Research Grants Awarded

2000-2003. Quantitative studies of the inherent optical properties of marine particle suspensions and their influence on remote sensing reflectance in case 2 waters (with Gay Mitchelson-Jacob and Strathclyde University)source: NERC, amount £155k).

2000-2003. Academic Link with University Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique (with Antonio Hoguane)(source:British Council, amount £18k)

2000-2003. Dissolved organic matter in coastal ecosystems:transport, dynamics and enviironmental impact (DOMAINE) (with Peter Williams and David Thomas and 6 European partners)(source: EU FP5, amount (UWB) 269k euros)

1999-2002. Improved assessment of eutrophication effects in coastal waters (with CEFAS Lowestoft and Napier University)(source:MAFF amount £37k)


Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Roberts, E. M., Bowers, D. G. and Davies, A. J. (2017).
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Book Chapters

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Additional Publications

Green, J. A. M., Davies, A.G. , Bowers, D.G. , Zhu, F. , Ward, S.L. and Porter, K. 2013
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