Dr Jaco H Baas

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I am Reader in Fine Particle Dynamics in the School of Ocean Sciences, and specialise in the erosion, transport and deposition of fine, cohesive sediment. I graduated from the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) with a combined BSc/MSc in Sedimentary Geology in 1988. At the same university, I completed my PhD in Bedform Dynamics in 1993. Subsequently, I was Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Geomar Research Centre in Kiel, Germany (studying Late-Pleistocene climate signals in slope sediments from the North-Atlantic continental margin), at the University of Rouen, France (on resuspension processes in the Seine estuary and gravel mining in the English Channel), and at the University of Bergen, Norway (investigating grain orientations in turbidite deposits).
In 1998, I moved to the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, where I started as a Marie Curie Research Fellow and then became a Senior Research Fellow. My research in Leeds included the physical properties of particulate density currents and their deposits, and the dynamics of turbulence-modulated flows carrying cohesive clay particles. I took up my present post in Bangor in January 2007.

Current Research

  • Environmental application of field-based Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Profiling (fUDVP) at the Centre for Catchment to Coast Research
  • NERC TransFlow project: Flow dynamics of clay-laden, open-channel flows across the transition from turbulent to laminar flow behaviour
  • The "Deep Water Architecture Knowledge Base" (DWAKB), a quantitative tool, based on knowledge base technology, for the comparison of deep-marine clastic depositional systems and the analysis of their architectural properties.
  • Directional petrological characterisation of deep-marine deposits by integrating grain shape fabric and permeability measurement techniques

Further details, including past research.


Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Parsons, D.R., R.J. Schindler, J.A. Hope, J. Malarkey, J.H. Baas, J. Peakall, A.J. Manning, L. Ye, S. Simmons, D.M. Paterson, R.J. Aspden, S.J. Bass, A.G. Davies, I.D. Lichtman and P.D. Thorne, 2016.
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Malarkey, J., J.H. Baas, J.A. Hope, R.J. Aspden, D.R. Parsons, J. Peakall, D.M. Paterson, R.J. Schindler, L. Ye, I.D. Lichtman, S.J. Bass, A.G. Davies, A.J. Manning and P.D. Thorne, 2015.
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Schindler, R.J., D.R. Parsons, L. Ye, J.A. Hope, J.H. Baas, J. Peakall, A.J. Manning, R.J. Aspden, J. Malarkey, S. Simmons, D.M. Patterson, I.D. Lichtman, A.G. Davies, P.D. Thorne and S.J. Bass, 2015.
Sticky stuff: redefining bedform prediction in modern and ancient environments. Geology, 43(5), 399-402.
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Book Reviews

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Book Chapters

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Additional Publications

Baas, J.H. 2003 (Editor)
BSRG Annual Meeting, School of Earth Sciences, University of Leeds, Dec. 20th to 22nd, 2003, Programme and Abstracts, 123 pp.

Baas, J.H. 2001
Sand Deposition from High-Density Turbidity Currents: Implications for the Emplacement Mode, Internal Structure, Texture and Geometry of Deep-Water Massive Sandstone Beds. Final Report of Consortium Project for Norske Conoco, Norsk Hydro and TotalFinaElf, 123 pp.

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Experimental Research on Hydraulics and Depositional Mechanisms of High-Density Turbidity Currents. Final Report for TMR Marie Curie Fellowship Programme, European Union, Brussels, 187 pp.
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