School of Psychology Winter PhD Student Conference 2015

This conference runs biannually each year, with first and second year students presenting in December, and third year students following suit in the summer. The aim of the series is to offer PhD students a unique opportunity to present their research to fellow PhD students as well as faculty members from within the School of Psychology.

Critically, the series facilitates an exchange of ideas outside of supervisory committees, broadening the scope of discussion available to researchers within the department. Previous events in the series have served as engaging platforms for sharing insights in Psychology.

Download the Conference Programme & Abstracts.

Talk 1 – Polly Barr

Too harts won sole

Talk 2 - Ceri Ellis

How language, culture and emotions shape the mind

Talk 3 - Therese Gilligan

Investigating the effects of perturbing sensorimotor contingencies on left hemisphere cognitive functions

Talk 4 - Inez Greven

Functional integration of neural signals during person perception

Talk 5 - Brianne Nichols

The role of negative emotions in Positive Psychology

Talk 6 - Polly Shingler

Evolutionary perspectives into facial signalling

Talk 7 - Pauliina Sorvisto

The neural organisation of lexical knowledge in Welsh-English bilinguals

Talk 8 - Jonathan Walbrin

Social interaction and goal perception in the temporal and parietal cortices

Talk 9 - Ciaran Smith

Gamers: the differences

Talk 10 - Arwel Williams

Defnyddio’r Gymraeg yn y gweithle / The use of Welsh in the workplace