Bangor Psychology Excels in RAE 2008


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Staff Submitted (FTE)

Quailty standard of research in RAE 2008 Submission (percentage)






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These results are another demonstration that Bangor Psychology is one of the largest and most successful departments in the UK, with an output level of research quality and quantity that makes it a significant presence on the international stage. The School is particularly proud of the link between teaching and research and recent HESA statistics indicate that Bangor Psychology is the 3rd largest department in the UK (in terms of student numbers), and by far the largest of the top dozen (out of 76) UK Psychology departments identified in the Times Higher Excellence league tables.

In the last Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2001) Bangor Psychology was one of only seven departments to score the highest possible grade of 5*A. The RAE of 2008 has not followed the same model. In RAE 2008 definitions of quality are based on a standard scale from 4*(World-leading) to U/C (below national recognition) and given as percentages of the research output of the department. British Psychology Departments can be ranked in different positions, depending on the way the league tables are compiled. As the tables below clearly demonstrate, whichever way the results are presented Bangor Psychology is one of the premier departments in UK Psychology.

Research Power Rating Table (ie quantity x quality)

1. Cardiff University
2. UCL
3. Birmingham
4. Sussex
5. Oxford
6. Sheffield
7. Bangor
8. Southampton
9. Edinburgh
10. St Andrews

Percentage of Research Rated as World-leading (4* - The top award)

=1st      Oxford, Cambridge
3rd        University College London
=4th      Cardiff, Birmingham, Birbeck
=7th      Bangor, York, St Andrews, Glasgow

Number (FTE) of Staff Submitted

1   Cardiff
2   UCL
3   Birmingham
4   Sussex
5   Sheffield
=6 Southampton, Oxford
8   Bangor
9   Edinburgh
10 Leeds

Times Excellence Table  

1. Cambridge              
2. Oxford                    
3. Birmingham 
4. UCL                       
5. Birkbeck                 
6. Cardiff                     
7. Royal Holloway       
8. St Andrews             
9. York                       
10. Glasgow                
11. Bangor     

Another indicator of the depth of the quality of our research activity is that we achieved these results by returning over 97% of RAE-eligible staff to the exercise. The large number of students we attract combined with the tables above clearly illustrates that our department offers a combination of quality and quantity which is unique amongst UK Psychology departments.

Bangor University overall


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