School of Psychology’s PhD student conference Summer 2015

Following on from the highly successful PhD student conference held in the of Summer 2014, this meeting provided a platform for third year PhD students to showcase their research.

The summer conference provided a perfect opportunity for students to present the culmination of their efforts throughout their PhD to the faculty and fellow students. The abstract and videos below provide an excellent insight into the wide range of exciting and innovative psychological research taking place in Bangor. You can read the talk abstracts using the link to the conference brochure below and most of these talks are also available in the video and you can skip to the one you are interested in using the timings listed below.

Talk 1

Emily Butler: Automatic imitation: Antecedants and individual differences

Talk 2

Ruth Dickson: Human grasping with tools: Does the brain take account of tool geometry

Talk 3

Leah Johnstone: Behavioural predictors of hemispheric asymmetries

Talk 4

Annie Pye: The perception of vocal identity and emotion in non-speech vocalisations

Talk 5

Awel Vaughan-Evans: Understanding syntactic transfer in the bilingual brain

Talk 6

Kevanne Sanger: A physiological investigation of mindfulness training in secondary schools: Modifications in cognitive control in adolescents

Talk 7

Carol Opdebeeck: Cognitive reserve, mood, and cognition in later life

Talk 9

Luke Squires: The physical and psychological impact of using Assistive Technologies among people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Talk 10

Kristin Koller: Anatomy of subcortical non-image forming visual pathways in healthy humans: Virtual white matter dissections with DTI tractography