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School of Psychology Seminar Series

Past seminars: 2016–2017

Psychology Seminar Series (PSS)

Organiser: Dr Filipe Cristino

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  • Wednesday 13 July 2016

    Prof Simon Liversedge

    Title: Universality in eye movements and reading: A trilingual investigation

    Host: Manon Jones

  • Friday 30 September 2016

    Richard Holland, Bangor

    Title: Animal navigation: from quantum physics to global migration

    Host: Paul Downing

  • Friday 7 October 2016

    Prof Stefan Schweinberger, Jena, Germany

    Title: Person Perception from Voice and Face – Individual Differences and Links to Autistic Traits

    Host: Patricia Bestelmeyer

  • Friday 14 October 2016

    Richard Ramsey, Bangor

    Title: Imitation as social glue: nice idea, but what about the data?


  • Friday 21 October 2016

    Dr Peter Malinowski, Liverpool John Moores University

    Title: The Neuroscience of Mindful Attention

    Host: Dusana Dorjee

  • Friday 28 October 2016

    Dr. Patrick Robuschat, Lancaster UNiversity

    Title: Cross-situational learning of words and syntax

    Host: Guillaume Thierry

  • Friday 11 November 2016

    Prof. Lawrence W Barsalou, University of Glasgow

    Title: What Does Semantic Tiling of the Cortex Tell Us About Semantics?

    Host: Debbie Mills

  • Friday 18 November 2016

    Dr Stephen Gallagher, University of Ulster

    Title: Using operant conditioning through Eye Tracking Equipment to change gaze behaviour.

    Host: Rebecca Sharp

  • Friday 25 November 2016

    Claudia Danielmeier and Jan Derfuss, University of Nottingham

    Title: Attentional top-down modulations after errors, and Functional and structural MRI correlates of working memory

    Host: Emily Cross

  • Friday 2 December 2016

    Rudi Coetzer, Bangor

    Title: ‘History, clinical neuropsychology and research in neurological populations’.

    Host: Fil Christino

  • Friday 27 January 2017

    Dr Jeremy Segrott, Cardiff

    Title: Strengthening Families Programme (10-14UK) Substance Misuse Prevention Programme: Findings from a Randomised Trial of a Proportionate Universalism Adaptation of an Intervention for Families with Children Aged 10-14

    Host: Judy Hutchings

  • Friday 3 February 2017

    James Keidel, University of Sussex

    Title: Episodic and conceptual contributions to the processing of naturalistic events

    Host: Marie-Joseph Tainturier

  • Friday 10 February 2017

    Dr Markus Hausmann, Durham

    Title: Why Sex Hormones Matter for Neuroscience: A Very Short Review on Sex, Sex Hormones, and Functional Brain Asymmetries

    Host: Fil Christino

  • Friday 17 February 2017

    Dr John Towler, Swansea

    Title: The cognitive and neural basis of developmental prosopagnosia

    Host: Patricia

  • Friday 3 March 2017

    Dr Guido Orgs, Goldsmiths

    Title: The Neuroaesthetics of Choreography

    Host: Emily Cross

  • Friday 17 March 2017

    Dr Beatriz Calvo-Merino, City University, London

    Title: Exploring embodiment mechanisms using expertise

    Host: Emily Cross

  • Friday 24 March 2017

    Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer, University of Bordeaux

    Title: Neural bases of hemispheric specialization for language and attention in relation with handedness: multimodal investigation of 450 participants of the Brain Imaging Lateralization database (BIL&GIN)

    Host: Marketa

  • Friday 31 March 2017

    Oliver Turnbull, Bangor

    Title: Animal minds

    Host: Fil Christino

  • Friday 7 April 2017

    Dr Pascal Mamassian

    Title: Visual Confidence

    Host: Ayelet

  • Friday 28 April 2017

    Jon Cant, Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough

    Title: The Flexible Nature of Visual-Feature Representation in Human Scene-Selective Cortex.

    Host: Ken Valyear

  • Friday 26 May 2017

    Dr Stephanie Rossit

    Title: Multiple neural pathways for hand actions in the human brain?

    Host: Fil Cristino

  • Friday 9 June 2017

    Bhisma Chakrabarti, Reading

    Title: The links between reward and mimicry - and what they tell us about Autism

    Host: Emily Cross

Bilingualism Seminar Series (BSS)

Organiser: Dr Marie-Josephe Tainturier

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