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School of Psychology Seminar Series

Past seminars: 2017–2018

Psychology Seminar Series (PSS)

Organiser: Dr Patricia Bestelmeyer

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  • Friday 6 October 2017

    Dr Elena Kushnerenko, University of East London

    Title: Assessing the impact of socio-economic status on infants’ neurocognitive development

    Host: Prof Debbie Mills

  • Friday 13 October 2017

    Dr Lyle Skains, Bangor University (School of Creative Studies and Media)

    Title: Creative Hyperlinks: Writerly and readerly effects of links in hypertext fiction

    Host: Dr Manon Jones

  • Friday 20 October 2017

    Prof Jon Evans, University of Glasgow

    Title: How to manage a dysfunctional PM: Rehabilitation of memory & executive functions in neurological conditions

    Host: Dr Rudi Coetzer

  • Friday 27 October 2017

    Dr Carien van Reekum, University of Reading

    Title: Emotion regulation and the ageing brain

    Host: Prof Emily Cross

  • Friday 3 November 2017

    Dr Anna Sadnicka, UCL & St George's University

    Title: A motor control framework for task-specific dystonia

    Host: Dr Katja Kornysheva

  • Friday 10 November 2017

    Dr Charlotte Stagg, University of Oxford

    Title: Towards causality: combining non-invasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging to understand neuroplasticity

    Host: Dr Paul Mullins

  • Friday 17 November 2017

    Dr Anna Samara, UCL & University of Liverpool

    Title: Spelling as statistical learning: evidence from artificial lexicon experiments with typically developing children

    Host: Dr Marketa Caravolas

  • Friday 24 November 2017

    Dr Lovesha Sivanantharajah, Bangor University (School of Biological Sciences)

    Title: Understanding the basis for selective vulnerability of different neuron types to tau toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease

    Host: Dr Ken Valyear

  • Friday 1 December 2017

    Dr Richard Allen, University of Leeds

    Title: Binding and attention within working memory

    Host: Dr Manon Jones

  • Friday 8 December 2017

    Prof Tony Prescott, University of Sheffield

    Title: The development of the self: a robotics perspective

    Host: Prof Emily Cross

  • Friday 26 January 2018

    Dr Laura Parkes, The University of Manchester

    Title: Imaging the Changing Brain: plasticity of primary somatosensory cortex

    Host: Dr Paul Mullins

  • Friday 2 February 2018

    Prof Gabriella Vigliocco, UCL

    Title: TBC

    Host: Dr Richard Binney

  • Friday 9 February 2018

    Dr Paul Hoffman, University of Edinburgh

    Title: The cognitive control of semantic knowledge

    Host: Dr Richard Binney

  • Friday 16 February 2018

    Dr Scott Cairney, University of York

    Title: TBC

    Host: Dr Richard Binney

  • Friday 23 February 2018

    Prof Charles Spence, University of Oxford

    Title: Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating

    Host: Prof Rob Ward

  • Friday 2 March 2018

    Dr Tamar Makin, UCL


    Host: Dr Katja Kornysheva

  • Friday 9 March 2018

    Dr Maggie Hoerger, Bangor University (School of Education)

    Title: British Early Special School Teaching model (BESST): Developing and evaluating a comprehensive treatment model

    Host: Dr David Carey

  • Friday 16 March 2018

    Prof Manos Tsakiris, Royal Holloway, University of London

    Title: ‘Feeling in seeing’: embodiment and visual politics

    Host: Prof Emily Cross

  • Friday 23 March 2018

    Dr Martin Corely, University of Edinburgh

    Title: How the tongue betrays the speaker

    Host: Dr Manon Jones

  • Friday 20 April 2018

    Dr Emma Gowen, The University of Manchester

    Title: Voluntary imitation in autistic and non-autistic individuals: Attention, motor imagery and diagnostic possibilities

    Host: Dr Kami Koldewyn

  • Friday 27 April 2018

    Prof Dorothy Bishop, University of Oxford

    Title: The mystery of language lateralisation - why do people vary, and does it matter?
    !!!Starts @ 3.30!!!

    Host: Dr David Carey

  • Friday 4 May 2018

    Dr Daniel Richardson, UCL

    Title: Collective behaviour and Social Context: Breaking the fourth wall in cognitive science

    Host: Dr Kami Koldewyn and Prof Rob Ward

  • Friday 18 May 2018

    Prof Núria Sebastián-Gallés, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

    Title: Divide and conquer: The onset of bilingual language learning

    Host: Prof Guillaume Thierry

  • Friday 1 June 2018

    Prof Dario Farina, Imperial College London

    Title: Man-machine interfacing by decoding spinal motor neurons

    Host: Dr Simon Watt

Bilingualism Seminar Series (BSS)

Organiser: Dr Marie-Josephe Tainturier

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