Psychology 2016 Summer PhD Conference

This conference is a continuation of the series of successful PhD student conferences held since December 2014, and offers an opportunity for third year PhD students to present their research to the wider Department, including both fellow students and faculty members.

This not only gives them practice in presenting their research to an academic audience, but also provides a valuable exchange of ideas and promotes discussion between researchers with a wide range of expertise. The abstract of today’s conference gives you an insight in to the intriguing research being conducted within our Department and there will be video’s of many of the talks available after the event.

View Conference Talk Programme here.

Dace Apsvalka

Behavioral and neural mechanisms of motor sequence learning by observation.

Catherine Sharp

Super Dynamic Food Dudes to the Rescue: increasing pre-school children’s activity levels and consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Rebekah Kaunhoven

Neurocognitive study of Mindfulness with primary school children.

Pippa Beston

Public punishments and social rewards: social behavior in economic games.

Phil Nelson

Temporal discounting and social influence.

Margiad Elen Williams

Evaluating the enhancing parenting skills (EPaS) 2014 programme.

LJ Stokes

The psychology of snacking: cognitive and environmental factors.

Leanne K Simpson

Development and validation of a measure of mental robustness on military operations (MR-MO).

Hannah Chandler

Neurocognitive representations of space and object processing in the scene-selective network.