Psychology PhD Conference Winter 2017 – 29th November

In a continuation of the highly successful series of student-led PhD Conferences, this meeting will offer first year PhD candidates the opportunity to present an overview of their doctoral work to peers and staff of the psychology department.

Since 2014, the PhD Summer and Winter Conferences have provided an excellent platform for students to showcase their research and hard work: a valuable opportunity for feedback and discussion from colleagues. Included in this booklet is the conference programme and abstracts, containing a snapshot of the variety and quality of scientific enquiry led by young scientists at Bangor University. View Conference Abstract. Videos of presenters at the conference are viewable below.

Examining the social reward value of biological motion.

Elin Harding Williams

Can synchronizing with a robot impact social reward processing?

Anna Henschel

Neural representation of motor timing

Myrto Mantziara

Social interaction perception across the lifespan.

Ioana Raluce Mihai

The influence of social information on decision-making.

Rachel Newey

Improving Numeracy Outcomes for 'At Risk' Children: A c-RCT of Precision Teaching Methods.

Kaydee Owen

Grasping and Digit Position Sense in Carpal Tunnel Patients

Michela Paroli

Using Body Perception to Investigate Claims in Social Priming.

Andrew Wildman