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Modiwl SXP-3050:
Social Issues

Ffeithiau’r Modiwl

Rhedir gan School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences

20 Credyd neu 10 Credyd ECTS

Semester 1

Trefnydd: Dr Teresa Crew

Amcanion cyffredinol

Social policy is everywhere - from TV's love affair with 'benefits cheats', to when you see someone selling the Big Issue or the latest gaffe by an MP. In its broadest sense, social policy aims to improve the well-being of society. The module focuses on a wide range of employment, health and education issues and well as various 'social problems'. This is an interactive module that is enhanced with student participation.

Students will develop three key employability skills:

  • Problem solving - The ability to understand a problem by identifying the key issues, implications and identifying solutions.
  • Communication - explain your point of view in a clear and concise way and to listen and relate to other people's opinions
  • Valuing diversity - understanding and being considerate of the experiences of different individuals.

There will be weekly case studies in relation to Social Class, Gender, Disability, Ethnicity, Transgender, Age and Sexual orientation. The overall aim of the module is that students will be able to critically discuss some of the barriers people with these characteristics have historically, and in many cases, continue to face.

Cynnwys cwrs

  • Does ones social class influence one’s educational and employment trajectory?
  • Should/can quotas encourage people into specific careers or positions of power?
  • Must ‘Rhodes Fall’?
  • Gypsy Travellers: the last ‘acceptable’ form of Racism?
  • How can we help young people who are not in education, employment or training?
  • How can we create inclusive work places for Transgender employees?;
  • What should we do to tackle hate crimes?

Meini Prawf


Understands concepts such as equality, diversity, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination in relation to social policy.

Provides a detailed description of the literature in this field.

Proposes policy recommendations for how the 'social problems' in the case study can be tackled.


Has a critical understanding of how concepts such as equality, diversity, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination relate to social policy.

Can critically analyse relevant research

Proposes clear and well thought through policy recommendations for how the 'social problems' outlined in the case study can be tackled.


Shows a basic awareness of definitions of concepts such as equality, diversity in relation to social policy.

Provides a basic description of the literature in this field.

Provides recommendations that are not through through or relevant to the case study.

Canlyniad dysgu

  1. Understand concepts such as inequalities, equality, diversity, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination in relation to social policy

  2. Become familiar with social inequalities relating to education, health, housing, employment, education policy as well as crime and criminal justice.

  3. Be able to discuss a variety of 'social problems' either through group or individual work - whether it be written or oral communication.

  4. Makes policy recommendations for how to deal with inequalities and injustices

Dulliau asesu

Math Enw Disgrifiad Pwysau
TRAETHAWD 3,000 word essay

3,000 word essay in relation to various Social Problems

ASTUDIAETH ACHOS Social Policy Case Study

You will be ‘given’ a budget of £10 million to ‘buy’ services in a specific area. Your assignment is to choose from a catalogue of services and describe why you are spending the money in this manner. You will then provide additional policy recommendations.

*Students will practice this in a group before the individual assignment. Students will also discuss how to compile and write policy recommendations


Strategaeth addysgu a dysgu


Two hour workshops x 12


One hour x 12 seminars

Private study

Students will be expected to read up before or after each workshop or seminar so that they can contribute in discussion.


One hour drop in x 12


Sgiliau Trosglwyddadwy

  • Llythrennedd - Medrusrwydd mewn darllen ac ysgrifennu drwy amrywiaeth o gyfryngau
  • Archwilio - Gallu ymchwilio ac ystyried dewisiadau eraill
  • Adalw gwybodaeth - Gallu mynd at wahanol ac amrywiol ffynonellau gwybodaeth
  • Sgiliau Rhyngbersonol - Gallu gofyn cwestiynau, gwrando'n astud ar atebion a'u harchwilio
  • Dadansoddi Beirniadol & Datrys Problem - Gallu dadelfennu a dadansoddi problemau neu sefyllfaoedd cymhleth. Gallu canfod atebion i broblemau drwy ddadansoddiadau ac archwilio posibiliadau
  • Dadl - Gallu cyflwyno, trafod a chyfiawnhau barn neu lwybr gweithredu, naill ai gydag unigolyn neu mewn grwˆp ehangach

Sgiliau pwnc penodol

  • Develop a sound appreciation of the variety of theories that comprise the discipline of social policy and how these impact on social policy interventions
  • Become cognizant with key conceptual debates within the field of contemporary social policy
  • Appreciate the value of and apply theoretical and methodological rigour to analyses of welfare issues;
  • Be aware of the ethical, social and political contexts within which social policy practice and research is conducted and delivered
  • Develop a knowledge and expertise with respect to a range of evidence-based policy making and practice.
  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of the processes of social policy analysis and evaluation.


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