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Proffiliau Alumni

Dros y blynyddoedd, y mae Ysgol Busnes Bangor wedi cynhyrchu alumni sydd bellach yn cynnal swyddi uchel yn sefydliadau cyhoeddus a phreifat trwy’r byd, o Rif 10 Stryd Downing i Fiji. Cymerwch olwg ar broffiliau rhai o’n alumni…

George Buckley

”Bangor provided me with a solid academic grounding in economics and business. What I learned at Bangor I still use today in my position as Chief UK Economist at Deutsche Bank in London. The standard of teaching was excellent, and the passion of the staff for their subject encouraged me to continue studying after I completed my degree. What I learnt at Bangor set me up for life, and has helped me enormously in my subsequent studies and my job.”

Dr George Buckley
Chief UK Economist, Deutsche Bank, London

Eric Hepburn

“I graduated in Banking and Finance from Bangor in 1983 and have since enjoyed a varied career in finance and general management. My previous role as Chief Operating Officer at No.10 Downing Street demonstrated that Bangor has a reputation that is widely respected both in the City, where early in my career I worked in Banking; and in the Civil Service, who highly value people with a broad financial background.”

Eric Hepburn
HM Consul General, British Embassy, Washington DC


“The MBA Banking and Finance offers the latest development and thinking in the area of banking and finance. This is made possible by the well structured programme and modules which are taught by lecturers who are renowned in their respective fields of expertise.”

Mereia Volavola
Chief Executive Officer, Capital Markets Development Authority in Fiji

“Choosing Bangor for the pursuit of education in the United Kingdom was one of most important decisions I have taken in my life. For me, the key factors were the suitability of the course for my future career, the high research rating of the Business School, and the quality of the teaching staff. I found the MBA in Banking and Finance to be practical and current to issues in banking.”

Abdul Rehman (Pakistan)

“I currently work with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority as a Chief Analyst in the Investment and Securities Division. When reviewing the various MBA programs available in the UK, I diligently reviewed the institution’s curriculum, their research commitment, the learning environment and the professors’ experience and expertise in the business field. The courses follow a very structured curriculum, and the professors are not merely lecturers, but also experts in the subject areas. Many of the professors have written articles in well-known journals, and are either authors or co-authors of books, which are actively used in the classrooms.”

Yolanda McCoy
Chief Analyst, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

“The staff at Bangor Business School are an amazing group of people. It is the school’s style to keep a close relationship with its students, and to help with any issues that may arise. If I had the opportunity to choose again between this MBA program and any other course in the UK, I would definitely choose Bangor.”

Charilaos Roussos
Global Tax Operations, Accenture Luxembourg

Zeenat Sayed

“The MBA Banking and Finance is extremely suitable for anyone wanting to enter the finance field. The course teaches you about other functions within business organisations and how they work together, whilst maintaining a focus on finance. The assignments taught me to be analytical and critical, which will definitely help in my aspirations to become an Analyst. Best of all, the staff are very supportive and helpful, ready to help you with whatever you need.”

Zeenat Sayed (India)
MBA Banking and Finance

Shruti Rastogi

“The combination of staff and modules makes Bangor Business School the best place to study. The Banking and Finance MBA has given me an overall understanding of the financial field and enhanced my managerial skills, preparing me to deal with the challenges of this industry. One of the best features was the case study discussions where we analyzed actual problems faced by financial companies and came up with solutions.”

Shruti Rastogi (India)
MBA Banking and Finance

“Undoubtedly, completing my MBA in Management at Bangor Business School has had a huge impact on my career progression to date. Not only did I enhance my academic knowledge but I saw an improvement in my time and task management skills – things which have proved very important in helping me get this far. The School offers a fantastic learning environment with great facilities and resources and supportive staff at every level. Classes were an enlightening experience thanks to diversified knowledge from all over the world; and case studies, interactive activities and classroom discussions, all of which really helped me to learn and to expand my knowledge in versatile ways.

There are a number of reasons to recommend Bangor, not least of all its brilliant facilities and great lecturers. But the best thing about living in Bangor has to be the natural beauty of the location – surely one of the best university locations in the whole UK!”

Mamoon Khalid (Pakistan)

HR Co-ordinator, IMCO Engineering and Construction Company, Kuwait

“I was attracted to Bangor Business School by its reputation and research excellence. I found that the well-experienced tutors guide and encourage students to think independently and critically – this, I think, is the most important thing I have taken from my time at Bangor.

The MSc in Accounting and Finance is taught in such a way as to enable students to gain a theoretical knowledge that they will be able to apply in a practical working environment. Various types of group work offer a great opportunity for students to cultivate interpersonal skills which, alongside the theoretical and professional knowledge, will be essential in any future career.

Since graduating I have go on to study a PhD in Accounting and Political Economy at the University of Exeter. What I miss about Bangor is the feeling of community – the wonderful and unforgettable time spent with teaching staff, School administrators, fellow students and the local residents. Anyone who’s thinking of travelling from another country to study at Bangor should definitely go for it – it’s a new challenge that will certainly wide your horizons.”

Xianjie Gao (China)

PhD student (Accounting and Political Economy), University of Exeter

“Coming to Bangor was the best decision of my life. The Business School was recommended to me by a senior member of the banking industry, and what I learnt during my time has given me a very solid foundation for my career.

Each module on the MBA Banking and Finance programme was well structured and designed to suit both the experienced professional and the novice student. The research-based curriculum really made me think outside the box and taught me the importance of keeping up to date with the latest market trends and developments.

I have to say that the best thing about the learning experience was the interaction with the teaching staff. Many of the staff are leading experts in their areas and they have a huge presence in the research world; yet despite this, they were readily available to help on a one-to-one basis. On top of this, they have written articles for leading journals and authored many of the books which are being used for reference for that particular subject. Being in this lively study environment instilled in me a hunger to learn.

After leaving Bangor I returned to India to take up a post as Business Analyst (OTC Derivatives) at Syntel, a leading IT and Financial KPO firm. Recently I have become involved – along with two other Bangor alumni – with a start-up venture providing quantitative investment research to hedge funds. My future plan is to make this venture a global leader in the area of investment research.”

Shanky Singh (India)

Business Analyst, Syntel, India

”After graduating from Bangor Business School with an MBA in Banking and Finance, I joined Ernst & Young Global Shared Services as a Senior Associate (Team Lead) catering to the Middle East and North Africa sub-area. I progressed through the company year after year and have now reached the position of Associate Manager in the Customer Portfolio Management team, based outside the city of Thiruvananthapuram in the Indian state of Kerala. As Customer Portfolio Manager for the Americas area, I embarked on a three-month visit to all major Ernst & Young offices in the United States in early 2012. The purpose of this trip was to learn more about the American offices and to deepen the collaboration between the US practice and its Global Shared Services.

I started the MBA programme in 2006. From the outset, I was incredibly impressed by the salubrious environs offered by my Halls of Residence. Classes were rigorous yet interesting with great emphasis on experiential learning. Modules were taught by internationally renowned professors such as Phil Molyneux, Ted Gardner, Jonathan Williams, Yener Altubas and more; and discussions functioned as a common touch-point between students and lecturers to foster knowledge and skills, resulting in a conducive learning environment. When it came to the dissertation, ample guidance and excellent mentoring were supplied from the very beginning.

If offered a chance to study again at Bangor, I’d love to undertake another MBA experience and gain that much-needed industrial insight – that’s what has made me the professional I am the modern corporate world.”

Panachayil Jacob Varughese (India)

Associate Manager, Customer Portfolio Management Team, Ernst & Young