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Conservation and Restoration of Resilient Ecosystems

We are an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers in the School of Environmental and Natural Sciences and the School of Ocean Sciences doing applied research with a direct impact on nature and climate emergencies.

Theme leaders: Professor Julia P G Jones, Professor Stuart Jenkins

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The world is facing interlinked nature and climate emergencies. The conservation and restoration of resilient ecosystems have a central role to play in tackling both.

Our highly interdisciplinary research in this area brings together researchers from across the School of Environmental and Natural Sciences and the School of Ocean Sciences and from disciplines as varied as ecology, land system science, oceanography, remote sensing, physiology, behaviour, forestry, economics and policy.

We carry out cutting-edge research in a full range of terrestrial and marine habitats, from polar regions to the tropics. Our research is highly impactful. For example, our research on the impacts of bottom trawling, advancing agroforestry, and reducing the social costs of conservation in low-income countries contributed to Bangor University being ranked number one in the UK for the impact of our environmental science research in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

Our research facilities in this area are world-beating and include our ocean-going research vessel the Prince Madog, the Henfaes research farm, and Treborth Botanic Gardens

Featured researchers

image of Julia Jones in recording studio

Professor Julia Patricia Gordon Jones

Professor Julia Jones is a conservation scientist with particular expertise in evaluating the impact of conservation interventions 

Image of Alex Sutton


Dr Alex Sutton is a behavioural and population ecologist interested in understanding how individuals respond to environmental change and how these responses scale up to influence populations and communities.


Claire Carrington on a shore performing research.

Claire Carrington

Claire Carrington is a marine ecologist currently researching the behavioural responses of coastal seabirds to meteorological variability.

Katie Devenish standing in front of an excavation area

Katie Devenish

Katie Devenish is a conservation scientist using counterfactual methods to study the impact of mining on the forests of Madagascar, and whether efforts to mitigate that impact have worked.

man standing greenery behind him

Dr Craig Robertson

Dr Craig Robertson is a benthic ecologist specialising in the macrofaunal communities and has a keen interest in developing functional ecology approaches in marine habitats, particularly in deep-sea habitats.

Woman in hard hat with greenery around her

Dr Marielle Smith

Dr Marielle Smith is an ecosystem ecologist who combines field-based and remote sensing observations across scales to understand forest responses to land-use and climate change-related drivers.

Man standing with sea and sky behind him

Dr Neal Hockley

Dr Neal Hockley is an environmental social scientist interested in environmental justice, conservation, and management of natural resources.

Man standing with beautiful rolling mountains behind him

Dr Leejiah Dorward

Dr Leejiah Dorward is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist with broad interests in how we can apply social science methods to improve our understanding of how social and ecological systems interact.

Lady wearing glasses on boat, on the sea

Dr Katrien Van Landeghem

Dr Katrien Van is a marine geologist with expertise in evaluating seabed integrity, which impacts marine ecosystems.

Lady sat on rocks near water

Dr Harriet Ibbet

Dr Harriet Ibett is a conservation scientist who focuses on understanding peoples compliance with rules which protect biodiversity.

Man measuring a tree in the forest

Professor John Healey

Professor John Healey is a forest ecologist working to achieve the sustainable management, conservation and restoration of forest resources.

Lady standing surrounded by greenery

Dr Freya St John

Dr Freya St John is a conservation scientist interested in understanding the links between human behaviour, well-being and conservation.

Lady standing holding cameras on a boat in the sea

Dr Ewa Krzyszczyk

Dr Ewa Krzyszczyk is a marine zoologist interested in behaviour and conservation of marine mammals, fish, and a variety of marine ecosystems.

Lady standing in a forest on a sunny day

Dr Elena Cini

Dr Elena Cini is an interdisciplinary scientist with interests in ecology, conservation social science, and agro-environmental research.

Lady standing surrounded by beautiful mountains

Dr Eleanor Warren-Thomas

Dr Eleanor Warren-Thomas is an inter-disciplinary scientist using tools from ecology, economics and land systems science to support the conservation and restoration of forests and biodiversity.

Male standing with nice greenery behind him

Dr Edwin Pynegar

Dr Edwin Pynegar is a conservation scientist and practitioner who works on designing and implementing conservation agreement programs and robustly evaluating their effectiveness.

Man climbing to viewing tower, surrounded by trees

Dr Farnon Ellwood

Dr Farnon Ellwood is a community ecologist specialising in the development of theoretical frameworks that can be used to conserve tropical biodiversity by informing sustainable management practices.

Person standing on beach with sea and land behind them

Deanna Groom

Deanna Groom is a maritime archaeologist specialising in the development of maritime historic environment inventories (e.g. national and regional sites and monuments records) for coastal and underwater heritage sites. Particular research interests relate to the impact of climate change on the ecology of historic shipwreck sites.

Male standing with sea in the background

Dr Gareth Williams

Gareth is a marine ecologist specialising in coral reef ecology. His work focuses on identifying the natural and human drivers of coral reef community structure and function across scales and taxa.

Dr Peter Haswell standing on a grassy hillside holding an aerial

Dr. Peter M. Haswell

Dr. Peter M. Haswell is a wildlife biologist working to conserve, restore, and understand biodiversity and ecological processes. Species interactions, human-wildlife coexistence, carnivores, research methods, and environmental ethics present key interests.

Dr Svenja Tidau kneeling by a rock looking at a bird

Dr Svenja Tidau

Dr Svenja Tidau is a global change biologist interested in how natural and anthropogenic changes in the environment affect (marine) animals in their behaviour, development, and physiology.  

Dr Tyler Hallman standing in a stream surrounded by trees with a scope and binoculars in his hands

Dr Tyler Hallman

Dr Tyler Hallman is a wildlife ecologist interested in modelling the spatial and temporal effects of anthropogenic environmental change on wildlife, particularly using remotely sensed and community science data. 

Full researcher list

  • Iain Lettice
  • Stevie Scanlan
  • Lauren Sansom
  • Emma Green

Key projects

Researchers in this theme work on a wide variety of applied projects. 

Key projects

Researchers in this theme work on a wide variety of applied projects. 

A picture says a thousand words - so please enjoy the gallery of some of the examples of the work we are involved in

Study with us

At Bangor research underpins the teaching that we do – you can study a wide variety of courses, at all levels, which build on the world-leading research we are doing which relates to the conservation and restoration of resilient ecosystems.

Study with us

At Bangor research underpins the teaching that we do – you can study a wide variety of courses, at all levels, which build on the world-leading research we are doing which relates to the conservation and restoration of resilient ecosystems.

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