Mr Daniel Lee
BSc (Wales), MSc (York)

Photograph of Mr Daniel Lee


Daniel Lee is an aquaculture specialist with particular expertise in the design, implementation and management of new projects. He has worked mainly on the farming and captive reproduction of crustaceans, most notably marine shrimp, covering numerous research and commercial projects in South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. He is multilingual (English, French, Spanish and Indonesian) and has gained an international reputation as a proponent and expert in the aquaculture field through the publication of the text book Crustacean Farming, Ranching and Culture and through his work with two newly formed NGOs - the Global Aquaculture Alliance and the Aquaculture Certification Council. He has assisted in the development of international codes of practice for responsible aquaculture, with special regard to food safety, traceability and environmental and social issues.

Research Interests

- Development of aquaculture systems with minimal environmental impacts

- Understanding the environmental impacts of tropical aquaculture operations, particularly clusters of small-scale farms

- Developing a more precise understanding of the negative impacts of aquaculture so that scientifically based standards can be applied as part of a drive to "clean-up" the aquaculture business

- Implementation of captive-rearing programmes to domesticate new aquaculture species and establish specific-pathogen-free populations for culture in controlled environments


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Additional Publications

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