Dr Gareth Williams

Lecturer in Marine Biology

Room 412 Westbusy Mount

Tel: +44(0)1248 382588

Email: g.j.williams@bangor.ac.uk

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I am a marine ecologist specialising in coral reef ecology. My work focuses on the interaction of organisms with their environment, often taking a macroecological approach. I am particularly interested in how human activities and natural biophysical gradients interact to drive community patterns across multiple trophic levels (microbes to sharks). Much of my work incorporates remote coral reefs free from direct human impact, providing key replication at the unimpacted end of an intact-to-degraded ecosystem spectrum. I collaborate closely with colleagues at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Ecosystems and Oceanography Division who routinely monitor ~40 U.S.-affiliated islands across the Pacific Ocean. Since completing my PhD in 2011, I have been involved in grants raising over £3M from both government (e.g. NSF, NOAA, U.S. Fish & Wildlife) and non-government (e.g. Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Bertarelli Foundation) funding agencies.


My group focuses on the following four research themes:

1. Role of biophysical and human drivers of coral reef ecosystem state.

2. Climate change impacts to coral reef ecosystems.

3. The spatial ecology of coral reefs.

4. Diseases on coral reefs.


Editorial responsibilities: I am an Associate Editor for the Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences.

Administration: Secretary and Member of the Research Committee, Member of the Athena Swan Committee, Member of the Marketing Committee.