Dr Gareth J. Williams

Photograph of Dr Gareth Williams


I am a Lecturer in Marine Population Ecology and my work focuses on the natural and anthropogenic drivers of coral reef communities. I hold a BSc in Marine Biology (University of Liverpool, UK), an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection (Bangor University, UK), and a PhD in Marine Biology (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand). My PhD research identified patterns of disease on coral reefs across the Pacific Ocean, combining macroecology, experimental ecology, and histopathology to identify drivers of disease prevalence. A focus study site of mine was Palmyra Atoll, an uninhabited coral reef atoll in the Northern Line Islands. After obtaining my PhD in 2011 I was awarded a post-doctoral scholarship at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego (UCSD) where I continued to work on the macroecology of Pacific coral reefs. This role at Scripps transitioned into an Assistant Project Scientist position within the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation in 2013. I left Scripps in late 2015 to take up my full-time role within the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University. Since completing my PhD in 2011 I have been involved in grants raising over £2.2M from a variety of sources including the National Science Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, NOAA, and the National Geographic Society.

Research Interests

I am a quantitative ecologist who specialises in coral reef ecology. My work focuses on the interaction of organisms with their environment, often taking a macroecological approach. I am particularly interested in how human activities and natural physical gradients (oceanography, climate, disturbance histories) interact to drive community patterns. Much of my work incorporates remote coral reefs free from direct human impact, providing key replication at the unimpacted end of an intact-to-degraded ecosystem spectrum.

I work closely with colleagues at the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) and the Coral Reef Ecosystem Program (CREP) within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who regularly monitor over 40 U.S.-affiliated coral reef islands and atolls across the Pacific Ocean. By combining these efforts with other study locations in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Caribbean we increase geographic coverage and tackle broad questions relating to the functioning of coral reef ecosystems at multiple spatial scales.

Committee positions

Research Committee (Member and Secretary)
Marketing Committee (SOS representative at the College of Natural Sciences level)
Athena Swan Committee (Member)

My research falls into four main themes

  1. Biophysical relationships on coral reefs – quantifying relationships between the community structure of multiple trophic levels (microbes, algae, corals, fish) and their surrounding environmental forcing at various spatial scales.
  2. Human impacts to coral reefs – how humans shape coral reef ecosystem communities and impact ecosystem resilience.
  3. Climate change effects to coral reefs – how past, present, and future climate conditions alter coral reef ecosystem structure and function.
  4. Disease ecology of coral reefs – human and natural drivers of disease prevalence on reefs and the characterisation of diseases with the use of histopathology.

Post-doctoral Researchers

Dr Ben Neal, Post-doctoral Researcher (co-advisor, Bigelow Marine Lab)

Dr Adel Heenan, Post-doctoral Fellow (primary advisor, Bangor University)

PhD Students

Ms Helen Ford, PhD thesis: The seascape ecology of disturbance and recovery on Pacific coral reefs (primary supervisor, Bangor University)

Ms Beth Francis, PhD thesis: Biological signals of the Island Mass Effect (primary supervisor, Bangor University)

Ms Anna Woodhead, PhD thesis: Capturing ecosystem service delivery from coral reefs (co-supervisor, Lancaster University)

Ms Ellie Vaughan, PhD thesis: Quantifying nutrient signals on coral reefs (co-supervisor, Lancaster University)

Mr Tim D'Urban-Jackson, PhD thesis: Remote sensing techniques to improve ecological mapping and monitoring for the marine renewable energy industry (co-supervisor, Bangor University)


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Book chapters

Maragos JE, Williams GJ (2011)
Pacific Coral Reefs: an introduction, In: Hopley E (ed) Encyclopedia of Modern Coral Reefs. Springer-Verlag, 1236 p

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