Research Staff

Ms Jenna AlexanderResearch Project Support OfficerMCW
Ms Philippa BayfordResearch Project Support OfficerMCW (CAMS)p.bayford
Ms Cathy BlakeyData Librarian107 Marine Centre Wales8063cathy.blakey
Dr Isobel BloorPostdoctoral Fisheries ScientistIsle of Mani.bloor
Ms Jenny BondResearch Officer107 Marine Centre Wales2236ucs804
Dr Leo ClarkePost-doctoral Ecologist328 Westbury Mountl.clarke
Mr Tim D’Urban-JacksonResearch Officer107 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)3967t.d.jackson
Prof Alan DaviesProfessor114 (CAMS)3933a.g.davies
Mr Adam Delargy327 Nautilus8232adam.delargy
Mr Jack EmmersonIsle of Manj.emmerson
Dr Lowri EvansPost-doctoral Ecologist324 Westbury Mountlowri.evans
Dr Kata FarkasShellfish Centre Research OfficerMCW (CAMS)k.farkas
Mr Tom GalleyResearcher305 Nuffield3512t.h.galley
Ms Emily GrovesResearch Project Support Officer ShellfishMCW8079ospa7f
Ms Maria Hayden-HughesResearch Project Support OfficerMCW (CAMS)
Dr Natalie HoldResearcherMCW (CAMS)3948n.hold
Mrs Esther HowieBluefish Operation Manager204 Marine Centre Wales3872e.howie
Dr Nick JonesResearch Officer Nuffield3754n.j.e.jones
Dr Nathan KingPostdoctoral Research OfficerMCW
Dr Cai LaddCraig Maircailadd
Dr Peter LawrencePostdoctoral Research Officer328 Westbury Mount
Dr Matthew LewisResearch Officer324 Nautilus8114ucs007
Dr Ben LincolnResearch Officer207 Craig Mair2274osp812
Ms Harriet LincolnPostgraduate Research AssistantMCW
Dr Natasha LucasResearch Officer207 Craig Mair8065oss01c
Dr Jonathan MalarkeyResearch Assistant308 Craig Mair2848j.malarkey
Mr Finn MannionResearch Project Support OfficerBrambell
Dr David MillsResearcher114 Marine Centre Wales(CAMS)8804d.mills
Dr Alec MooreHonorary Research Fellowa.moore
Mr Steven NewsteadCraig Mairs.newstead
Mr Thomas PrebbleSoftware Developer107 Marine Centre Wales8602t.prebble
Dr Laura Richardsonl.richardson
Dr Michael RobertsResearch Officer113 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)3966michael.roberts
Dr Ronan RocheResearch Fellow204 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)3972r.roche
Dr Samantha SimpsonResearch OfficerMarine Centre Wales
Dr David SmythScience OfficerMCW (CAMS)8603d.smyth
Ms Lucy SouthworthResearch Project Support Fisheries AssistantMCW (CAMS)
Dr Claire SzostekResearch Officer204 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)8472c.szostek
Mr Jamie ThorpeResearch Project Support OfficerMCW
Dr Svenja TidauResearch Officer in Marine Biology325 Westbury Mount8617s.tidau
Dr Serinde van WijkProject managerMarine Centre Wales8609s.j.vanwijk
Ms Gemma Veneruso107 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)2840g.veneruso
Mr Guy Walker-SpringettResearch Officer107 Marine Centre Wales3505ucs404
Dr Mark WaltonResearch Officer108b Nuffield Lab.(CAMS)m.walton
Dr Sophie Ward107 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)3978sophie.ward
Dr Julie WebbResearch Officer204 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)8805j.webb
Dr Timothy WhittonSEACAMS Research Officer 107 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)3936t.whitton
Dr Sophie-Berenice WilmesPart-time Research Officer107 Marine Centre Wales(CAMS)s.wilmes