Dr Sophie Ward | School of Ocean Sciences | Bangor University

Dr Sophie Ward

SEACAMS 2 Scientific Modeller; SEACAMS 2 Scientific Modeller

Room: 107 Marine Centre Wales

Phone: 01248 383978

Email: sophie.ward@bangor.ac.uk


I graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath in 2007, where my major subjects were Physics and Environmental Sciences. Following that, I worked for two years as a Graduate Environmental Consultant in North Wales. In 2009-2010 I undertook an MSc in Applied Physical Oceanography, followed by a PhD in Physical Oceanography (2010-2014), both at Bangor University. The focus of the PhD was on simulating changes in Northwest European shelf sea tides due to sea-level rise since the Last Glacial Maximum. 

I am currently a Scientific Modeller on the SEACAMS2 project, at the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences, which follows on from a year's work as a Research Officer on the SEACAMS project. As a physical oceanographer, the focus of my research is on tidal modelling and oceanographic data collection, with specific application to the Marine Renewable Energy sector in Wales. 

Particular areas of research interest include: tidal modelling, palaeotidal modelling, sediment dynamics, sea-level rise, marine renewable energy, ecosystem modelling.