Dr Thomas Davies

Postdoctoral Fellow

Room: 329 Westbury Mount          Phone: 01248 388167

Email: thomas.davies@bangor.ac.uk

Web: Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=RPl0E24AAAAJ&hl=en

Thomas Davies is an interdisciplinary conservation ecologist working at the interface between ecology, conservation and society. His research seeks to understand human-environment interrelationships, those between our experience and perceptions of nature, and our impacts on ecosystems and the services they provide. Thomas has research interests in the marine environmental sciences, global change biology, urban ecology, grassland ecology, ecosystem service provisioning, community ecology, biological and digital conservation, and the socio-psychological dimensions of conservation prioritisation.

Thomas is particularly interested in how human activities alter the structure and functioning of ecosystems.  He has worked on a variety of manmade disturbances in natural and semi-natural habitats including those associated with climate change, coastal hypoxia, and most notably artificial light at night.

After completeing a PhD in Marine Ecology at Ocean Sciences in March 2011, Thomas began investigating the ecological impacts of artificial light at night as a Research Fellow on the European Research Council funded ECOLIGHT project at the Universitry of Exeter until April 2017. He now holds a European Regional Development Fund supported Ser Cymru II Independent Research Fellowship at the School, researching the economic and ecological impacts of coastal lighting. Between April and August 2017, Thomas held a NERC funded Valuing Nature Placement investigating the influence of explicit and implicit human values on conservation prioritisation. 

Thomas has conducted his research in a broad array ecosystems including subtidal and intertidal marine benthic, temperate grasslands and urban.  He is experienced in the ecology of saltmarshes, benthic macro-invertebrates, biofouling communities, rocky shores, temperate grasslands and the built environment. Thomas has extensive research experience in the ecology and taxonomy of marine and terrestrial invertebrates.

Research Areas

Marine Ecology: https://www.bangor.ac.uk/oceansciences/research/projects/601