Postgraduate Student Profiles

Saniya KulkarniSaniya Kulkarni

Saniya Kulkarni – MSc in Consumer Psychology with Business.

Saniya Kulkarni is from India. She is studying MSc in Consumer Psychology with Business.

Life in Bangor is easy and comfortable as everything is nearby and at a walking distance. Bangor is lovely as it is located between the Snowdon mountains and the menai strait. The sunsets are beautiful from the Bangor pier.

Srimonti GuhaSrimonti Guha

Srimonti Guha – Clinical and Health Psychology

Srimonti Guha is from India and is studying MSc Clinical and Health Psychology.

Psychology in Bangor is the best. The main reason being the exposure and access that we receive from the professors. We get ample amount of support from them, the instant feedback about our work helps us to refine our work in a better way.

Zexi LiZexi Li

Zexi Li – MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis

Lexi is from Beijing in China. She has recently graduated in a BSc in Psychology and is now studying an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Bangor Psychology has enabled ne to expand my knowledge, grow up healthy, find my career aims and Bangor has been a very good platform to help and support me to achieve my goals.

Angel Tan Jia YiuenAngel Tan Jia Yiuen

Angel Tan Jia Yiuen – MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis

Angel Tan Jia Yiuen is 22 and from Malaysia. She is currently studying MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis at Bangor University. She graduated with a 1st Class honours from Bangor in BSc Psychology.

The lecturers are really knowledgeable and they are very helpful in guiding you for assignments and exams. Bangor University also offers different Psychology courses in order to better fit student with specific interests in different fields.

Elliott WardElliott Ward

Elliott Ward – MSc Neuroimaging

Elliott Ward from Cambridge is studying MSc Neuroimaging

There is always someone you can email with any kind of problem. There are peer guides who will show you around the town, personal tutors who will know all about your course, not to mention the email buddy system. You never feel like you’re alone as there’s always someone you can get in contact with!

Tara JohnstonTara Johnston

Tara Johnston – MSc Clinical and Health Psychology

Tara Johnston is from The Wirral. She went to Upton Hall School before coming to Bangor to study Psychology.

Life in Bangor has a really friendly, community feel. I enjoy everything being so close by, you don’t feel alone in a big city or lost very often.

Beverly Pickard-JonesBeverly Pickard-Jones

Beverly Pickard-Jones – MSc in Psychological Research

Beverley Pickard-Jones lives near Bangor and worked as a business consultant before studying at Bangor. She's now studying a MSc in Psychological Research.

One of my favourite modules explored conceptual issues in psychology. We were able to define our own essay title and research an area that interested us. I loved that assignment!