Undergraduate Student Profiles

Nicola BrownNicola Brown

Nicola Brown – Psychology with Neuropsychology BSc (Hons)

Nicola is studying Psychology with Neuropsychology at Bangor.

Beautiful, I live in Llanberis, I see Snowdon from my bedroom window.

Phuc Xuan Nhi NguyenPhuc Xuan Nhi Nguyen

Phuc Xuan Nhi Nguyen – Psychology

Phuc Xuan Nhi Nguyen is 18 years old. She's a second year Psychology student.

The Psychology school is an interesting school. We have a friendly environment where lecturers are attentive to the students. The best thing about the Psychology school is that you have a great support scheme for students.

Hilyah Kholis AudahHilyah Kholis Audah

Hilyah Kholis Audah – Psychology with Neuropsychology

I love the wide range of support and services students are able to use during the course. It really help students that are struggling with any kinds of issue. Be it coursework issues to mental health.

Sam WebbSam Webb

Sam Webb – Psychology with Neuropsychology

Sam Webb is from Sycamore Ave, near Daventry, Northamptonshire. He is graduating this year in Psychology and Neuropsychology.

After coming to an open day, I realised the community and sense of closeness at the School of Psychology was unique, and couldn’t be missed.

Emily GauntEmily Gaunt

Emily Gaunt – Psychology

Emily Gaunt, 19 from Surrey is a first year student at Bangor, studying Psychology.

Whether it’s an event at Bar Uno or Academi, a little shopping trip with your friends on the high street or a simple Social night for your course – you’ll never run out of things to do or take part in!

Jessica LiewJessica Liew

Jessica Liew – BSc Psychology

Jessica Liew from Malaysia is a third year BSc Psychology student.

The best thing about living in Bangor would be the scenery and nature surrounding Bangor. There’s nothing like waking up to the cooling atmosphere and fresh air, especially since I come from a relatively hot country.

Abigail Shannon ChuaAbigail Shannon Chua

Abigail Shannon Chua – Psychology

Abigail is a second year Psychology student

The Lecturers are so passionate about the subject that it is inspiring.  Staff are friendly and helpful and they are always willing to help you.

Samantha PowellSamantha Powell

Samantha Powell – Psychology

Sammy Powell is from Wiltshire. She studied A Levels and undertook an apprenticeship and is now studying Psychology.

All my lecturers have always provided online material and weekly drop-in times for help on their modules, plus they work by a 2-day response time for their emails, so help is always there!

Sin Hang HoSin Hang Ho

Sin Hang Ho – Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology

Sin is from Hong Kong and is studying Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology.

We've got the best lectures that are experts in their own field. We have tons of societies to join and have fun.

Niyal GahramanovaNiyal Gahramanova

Niyal Gahramanova – BSC Psychology

Niyal Gahramanova, 18 years old, from Azerbaijan, studying Psychology.

Bangor University was on the top of my universities list after various researches about the degrees that university offers and about the city itself.

Haikal SubahanHaikal Subahan

Haikal Subahan – BSc in Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology

Haikal is studying a BSc in Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology, and is originally from Singapore.

Sarah Logan Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan – Psychology

Sarah Logan is from Liverpool. She studies Psychology.

The best thing about Bangor is definitely how beautiful it is. The pier, the mountains, the beaches and even just the university itself is so lovely, it makes living here feel amazing.

Jiri BenacekJiri Benacek

Jiri Benacek – Msci Psychology

Jiri Benacek is from Prague in the Czech Republic. He is studying for an undergraduate masters degree (Msci.) in Psychology.

The thing that really amazed me when I first came to Bangor was the great number of sport clubs and societies the university offered. But even if sports are not your thing, Bangor offers many societies where one can meet people with whom they have something in common.

Thomas JonesThomas Jones

Thomas Jones – Psychology with Neuropsychology

Thomas Jones is from Swansea and studies Psychology with Neuropsychology.

I have been largely involved in volunteering where I have been to beaches and mountains to do some environmental work and been to the local mental health unit where I support the service users in both a leading and volunteering capacity.

Ruth FernandesRuth Fernandes

Ruth Fernandes – Clinical and Health Psychology

Ruth has been living in Kuwait, India and Portugal. She studies Clinical and Health Psychology.

Besides the wonderful location of the university, I absolutely loved the extra help and support provided to us. The lecturers are so kind and are willing to assist in any way they can.

Ka Nam SiuKa Nam Siu

Ka Nam Siu – Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology with International Experience

Ada Ka Nam Siu, is from Hong Kong. In his third year studying Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology with International Experience.

The Psychology department in Bangor University has a high reputation among all the university in the UK. Lecturers here are helpful and friendly. They would love to help you with your study.

Emma WilliamsEmma Williams

Emma Williams – Psychology

Emma is studying Psychology and is from Hampshire.

The best thing about Bangor has been the amazing opportunities I have been able to take part. I have volunteering the Student’s Union volunteering department for the entirety of my degree and been part of various societies such as SODA and Psych Society.