Chris Earing

Course studied at Bangor: BSc Sports Science, MSc Exercise Physiology, PGCE Secondary Biology with Science, PhD Clinical Physiology
From: Mayland, Essex
Graduated: July 2015


I am the Lead Respiratory Physiologist in Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor. In my role I manage the Pulmonary Function Department. I spend a large amount of my time working directly with patients with various disorders which involve mostly the respiratory system but also often pre-operative assessment. I am constantly striving to find the most innovative way to improve the service delivered. I feel a large extent of these skills of critically questioning evidence and making informed decisions have been developed as a result of my studies in Bangor.

In the role I perform, I have taught medical students, nurses and doctors both in the hospital and community. When I left school I was very quiet, public speaking was one of my weaknesses, thanks to Bangor however I am happy communicating to a wide range of audiences from lay man to consultant. I think this is because Bangor actively encourages opportunities to challenge yourself such as being encouraged to communicate in conferences, take part in a team, teach and work within an environment where questions can be asked. It is a close knit community in the department, I think in a larger University I may have felt more like a statistic.

During my time in Bangor I have worked in many specialised teams providing applied physiological support to elite athletes including the GB Telemark ski team, GB Biathlon team and Ironman Triathletes. These experiences set me in good stand for the NHS working within their multidisciplinary teams.
I have developed a strong interest in research and this is thanks to the critical thinking I have developed from undertaking many years of research training in Bangor. I have developed many contacts and friends through my time in Bangor. Despite the fact I have now finished my courses I am still pursuing on-going research and teaching which adds to the job satisfaction I get working in the NHS.