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Consultancy with Industry

Drs Walsh and Forte are conducting applied research studies for a company in the United States, HydraDx, to develop novel markers of hydration in saliva and a feasibility study into increasing the economic and social effectiveness of outdoor activities for at-risk young people was also successfully completed recently, funded by the Welsh Assembly Government's A4B scheme. In conjunction with Bangor Business School, the School is involved in delivering leadership and management up-skilling courses to local business leaders.

Previous consultancy has included the development of equipment and merchandise with Silva UK and Europress Ltd, and work with Bausch and Lomb, Signet, Ericsson and Safeways (all through Lane 4 Management Group).  Lane 4 and Bangor University have been recognised for their research excellence at the National KTP Awards.  Click here to read the news item.

Academic Consultancy

Most staff in the School provide academic expertise to other academic departments and schools as external examiners on degree courses and for individual higher degrees (MPhils and PhDs).  In addition, staff act as referees to National and International Journals, validators of degree programmes (undergraduate and MSc), and project reviewers for Research Councils

Emergency and Armed Services

Staff within the School's Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance have just completed a Leadership Study with the Ministry of Defence's (MoD) Initial Training Group, and Drs Walsh and Fortes are working with the MoD at Brecon to investigate the effects of energy deficit on physical performance, cognitive function and health during eight weeks of arduous training.

Staff have previously worked with the Police Service to investigate stress in command control units; with the Fire Service on fitness and performance in hot environments; and with the Marines to explore group dynamics and leadership.