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International Sports and Sports Science Support

Our staff have worked with a wide variety of athletes at all levels up to and including Olympic teams. We have also developed our undergraduate students to go on to work with athletes and sporting bodies such as the British Olympic Medical Institute. We have postgraduate research students who have worked specifically with British teams such as British Yachting, England and Wales Cricket, and British Gymnastics.

National and international coach development

Our staff have also been instrumental in national and international coach development, as we understand that it is not just the athletes that are required to be world class to achieve their goals. Our expertise lies in sports psychology, motor control and physiology. Many of our staff members have been athletes themselves and understand what is required of current athletes. We have close links with many sports teams and are exceptionally well situated between mountains and sea for sports such as mountain biking and yachting. The School has two research groups that are linked to performance: the Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance and the Extremes group.

Providing professional support

Staff in the School provide professional support to a number of International sports and Governing Bodies. These include the British Gymnastic Association, National Ice Skating Association, British Orienteering Federation, Welsh Canoeing Association, and the Welsh Yachting Association. Some staff also provide expertise to the British Olympic Association, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and the National Sports Medicine Institute.

Professor Lew Hardy and colleagues are currently working with UK Sport in understanding the developmental journeys of GB's highest achieving athletes and we have two projects with the England and Wales Cricket Board on talent identification and development.