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Danial Tomos Jones- Sport Health and Exercise Science

Summary of personal background and interests

I grew up in a small village approximately 20 miles from Bangor called Y Groeslon. I was bought up as a single child by my mother who played a key role in my development.

Since a very young age I have been very interested in Sports, particularly Rugby. I’ve played for my local team, Caernarfon RFC, for many years. As an extra sporting activity I would have to say weightlifting is the one that I enjoy the most. I enjoy seeing improvements in my strength and then how that improves my rugby performance.

Apart from sports I really enjoy travelling, whether it’s here in the UK or abroad. I thrive on the challenges that travelling presents to you, I find the planning and organising better my independence and make me realise how mature I can be when I want to be.

Other things that keep me busy is my part time job working for a TV company, playing the guitar and socialising with friends. 

Reasons for coming to Bangor

For me the reason that I chose Bangor was because it offers the best range of Sport Health and Exercise Science courses within the Universities in Wales. I wanted to stay in Wales to make sure that the extra support was there if I ever needed it. Whether it was financial support or language support. Another reason I chose Bangor was because I knew how much it meant to my family to have me close by.

Work Abroad

How did you hear about work abroad?

The first time I ever heard about the opportunity to go and work abroad was in one of my first year lectures. I didn’t take much notice of it that time, but then when the time to apply came up again in my second year it started to sound very tempting.

Had you travelled abroad before?

Only to European countries for short family holidays or with friends. I had never travelled independently before this experience.

How did you choose where work abroad?

Many of my friends have been to Australia and told me that it was the best year of their lives so that inspired me to look into Australia as a destination. After a year there I can happily say that it did not disappoint.

What were your academic goals for a work abroad experience?

As I did the working abroad experience I feel that my academic goals was to keep my degree in the corner of my mind and prepare as much as I could for my third and final year.

What were your professional goals for a work abroad experience?

I wanted to earn and experience that would be of benefit to me when applying for any future jobs. Also I wanted to learn new skills that would aid me in my third year. Working at the school that I did for 6 months helped me to develop skills such as time management, independence and determination.

My personal goals for my year abroad was to gain as much as I could out of the experience. I wanted to escape from reality for a year and face different challenges rather than exams. My other goals were to develop my ability to converse in English, make new friends, and join a new community and to work hard and make enough money to allow me to travel as much as I could.

How did you set about meeting other students e.g. joined sport or other organisations, shared interests, engaged with students union?

As a part of my job it was pretty simple for me to meet new people. I instantly made friends with the other staff members that worked me in the Boarding house, they were my age and I remain to be friends with them now over skype.  I also made friend with some of the staff member that worked in the school and they were very friendly and helpful.

Future plans

After graduating I would like to go and study medicine in Cardiff and then after that I would like to go back to Australia and begin a career over there.