Kate Stych

Name: Kate Stych (neé Sheppard)

Course: Sport & Exercise Psychology

Level of study: MSc

Graduation Year: 2002

Current Employer: University of Exeter

Job title: Associate research fellow

Current Duties:
Coordinate an NIHR research grant bid.

Story so far:

After completing my MSc I qualified as a Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation exercise instructor and ran hospital-based Phase III, and community-based Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation programmes. I then went on to complete a PhD in the field of exercise psychology, specifically acute affective responses to exercise.

I have since worked as a researcher, working on projects focused on health behaviour change. Projects have included researching and developing individual-level behaviour change interventions to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes in adults, and GP-led physical activity interventions in primary care.

What I miss most about Bangor...

The people who were there at that time, I made some great friends and also met people who inspired me to follow this career path and taught me a lot.  I also just miss the gorgeous setting!  Walking down to the department on a bright sunny day was a highlight of my time in Bangor. 

My time at Bangor...

....was very enjoyable

Anything else you would like to share about your time in SSHES…

The SSHES department was a great place to study. The department provided a supportive learning environment. There were opportunities available to develop practical skills and academic careers. Lecturers were approachable and excellent mentors.