Laura Healy

Name: Laura Healy

Course: Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology

Level of study: MSc

Graduation Year: 2010

Current Employer: University of Birmingham

Job title: 2nd year PhD student

Current Duties:
Completing research projects, teaching undergraduate students, presenting work at conferences and preparing papers for publication.

Story so far:

After finishing my MSc, I was keen to do a PhD but at that time there were limited options for funding for projects. I was lucky enough to be offered some Research Assistant work at Bangor, which helped improve my research skills and also take some time to think about what I wanted to do. I applied for a Research Associate post which was being advertised at the University of Birmingham, I didn’t even expect to get an interview so when I was offered the job I was very surprised, but also pleased!

I know that my experience in Bangor really helped me to get that position: the skills I had developed there, along with the reputation of the school and the staff at Bangor was invaluable.

I was again fortunate to receive funding at the end of my Research Associate position to continue with the research as a PhD student. I’m about half way through: I’m aiming to have everything submitted by September 2014.

What I miss most about Bangor...

The environment – both the local one and the one created within the School!  Birmingham is an exciting city and I enjoy lots of aspects about living here, but it doesn’t come close to how beautiful and exciting a place Bangor can be. I miss seeing the sea and the mountains every day. And the environment created in SSHES is really unique....challenging, exciting, supportive and friendly. You’re pushed to be as good as you can be, with support to help you achieve that and you are always encouraged to work hard and play harder – this I think is so important and helps create happy, engaged and healthy students and researchers!

My time at Bangor...

....was absolutely fantastic!

Anything else you would like to share about your time in SSHES…

.....not that I can think of, just can I come back please (perhaps don’t include this on the website!).