Sally Akehurst - former PhD and MSc student

Image of Sally AkehurstName:

Sally Akehurst

Date of Birth:



Guildford, Surrey



Level of study:


Graduation Year:


Current Employer:

University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Job title:

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Current Duties:

Lecturing, Research, Consultancy and Administration

Story so far:

I am currently working as a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology Since moving to Aberystwyth I have started Latin and Ballroom Dancing which I hope to pursue competitively.

What I miss most about Bangor...

I miss the place itself, the scenery and homely feeling. All the close friends I made and the opportunity to train and compete in gymnastics.

Bangor is a place with many qualities: the setting, the academic school, the developmental opportunities and the close social feeling provide a mix of fun, growth and enjoyment!

My time at Bangor...

My 5 years in Bangor will always be dear to me. I worked hard but learnt so much; met some great people and will always have fond memories of the place that became my second home.

The MSc degree was hard work and an intense year but the personal development that I experienced was worth every minute. Studying for my PhD was a journey that I will never forget. The opportunity to work with and learn from, such experienced individuals in my field has provided me with excellent grounding and experience base to pursue my future in academia.