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Find out about the course options in Applied Innovation Design
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Why Study Applied Innovation Design?

Design thinking can be employed to change the world. 
Our Applied Innovation Design course offers a pathway for individuals who wish to lead innovation through creativity and applied design thinking, in a variety of related industries. The course is designed to offer advanced study in innovation design, with an emphasis on application of creativity and innovation tools, alongside the skills needed to lead, collaborate and facilitate in areas which require innovation.

Career Opportunities in Applied Innovation Design

The Masters in Applied Innovation Design is intended to enhance your career prospects and opportunities, whilst offering the flexibility to adapt the course to your own area or industry of interest.  Students may choose to study either full or part-time, which may include studying alongside employment in a related role.  Students graduating from the Masters course will be able to pursue leadership, managerial and practitioner roles in design related areas in a range of industries, as well as pursue entrepreneurial avenues.   

Graduates can be employed as:

  • Agency designer
  • Product designer in consultancies
  • Technical specialist in engineering and CAD
  • Marketing manager
  • Business development manager
  • Innovations solutions lead
  • Strategy manager
  • Independent consultant
  • Self-employed business owner
  • Teacher in secondary education

Our Research in Applied Innovation Design

Our research is continuously embedded in our live briefs and the outcomes become an integral part of new product development and innovation processes within companies. These applied and real world experiences have resulted in a number of our students producing successful products with our partner companies.

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