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About us

The Sustainability Lab is a high-profile focal point, leading on sustainability within Bangor University. It is part of Corporate Services alongside Planning, Governance and HR, reflecting the importance of sustainability in terms of strategic planning, business intelligence, compliance issues, policy development, operations and partnerships. The Director of Sustainability reports to the Director of Corporate Services who also holds the role of University Secretary. The Campus Environmental Performance Team is co-ordinated by The Sustainability Lab.

The Sustainability Lab aims to:

  • Embrace and promote the five ways of working to achieve Wales’ well-being goals and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ensure the highest standards of environmental performance (maintaining our ISO14001 accreditation)
  • Contribute to a curriculum that reflects the University’s commitment to sustainable development and global citizenship
  • Promote sustainability in research, business and enterprise activities
  • Promote an ethos of ‘Welsh is for everyone’ and normalising experience of living in a multi-lingual environment
  • Promote integrated reporting to communicate success
  • Collaborate with the other Universities in Wales to make RCE-Cymru a reality