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10-Month Masters

The following Masters programmes can be completed in 10 months instead of the traditional 12 months:

Completing your Masters studies within 10 months offers the dual benefits of:

  • A head-start in the graduate job market, as you will complete your degree two months earlier than students at most other universities; and
  • Saving two-months’ worth of the living costs etc associated with studying towards a Masters degree.

The 10-month programmes are ONLY available to start in September, with students completing their programme at the end of the following July.

Course structure

Students taking the 10-month programme will study 5 modules per semester instead of 4, with the summer project being worth half the credits as that on the 12-month programme.

10-month programme

12-month programme

Semester 1 (Sept-Dec)

75 credits
(5 modules)

60 credits
(4 modules)

Semester 2 (Jan-May)

75 credits
(5 modules)

60 credits
(4 modules)

Summer project

30 credits, June & July
(Applied Financial Projects)

60 credits, June-Sept
(Research Projects)

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