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Christina Phillips



'Lean and sustainable operations in a high tech pharmaceutical manufacturing sector'.


Christina began working with the Business School as a member of forLAB undertaking a shorter Knowledge Transfer Partnership with a local division of a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer.  At the end of a very successful project which enabled process improvements within the company a longer PhD project was proposed.  She won the studentship and is now in the third year of her PhD project.  She also works part time within the company as a Business Analyst and Researcher.


Christina is a mature student with an eclectic background including running her own art and design company, teaching Physics and service industry management.  With a strong background in Mathematical Modelling it was a natural transition into Operations Research/Management Science. 

Her work has covered all aspects of supply chain planning and control but the PhD has particular focus on demand and production planning.  In this regard she is integrating and studying a variety of Human Centric Analytics¬© (HCA) implementations with the aim of smoothing production and supply.  This has already contributed to substantial inventory savings and is anticipated to produce more.


Integration of analytics is the primary focus of her research.  Using qualitative engagement tools such as Action Research and participative model development as well as many techniques from the analytics stack.  These have included Discrete Event Simulation, various forecasting techniques, time series analysis, control charting, statistical analysis, visual analytics applications and storytelling through data. 


Prof. K. Nikolopoulos

Research Cluster


Working papers

  • ‘Improving the forecasting function through action research: Aligning production with demand at PharmaCo’
  • ‘Participative simulation and collaborative model design used to manage uncertainty and align production with demand’
  • ‘Human Centric Analytics: toward a theory of analytics integration’

    Co-author: Konstantinos Nikolopoulos


  • Diploma in Physics and Mathematical Modelling, Open University
  • BSc Joint Hon’s in Mathematics and Physical Oceanography, Bangor University 

Conference presentations

  • Production & Operations Management Society, Annual Conference 2015: ‘Managing variability in an uncertain production environment’
  • EURO 2015: ‘Forecasting for simultaneous regular and non-regular production planning of multipurpose batch plants: a behavioural operations perspective in a Pharmaceutical company’
  • POMS 2016, invited paper:  ‘Smoothed Schedules for Mixed-Model Assembly Lines in a High Uncertainty Environment:  Analytics in Action’
  • International Symposium on Forecasting 2016: ‘Aggregation in an uncertain production environment: Secondary forecasting to align production with demand’
  • IIF Workshop on Supply Chain Forecasting for Operations 2016: ‘Aggregation in an uncertain production environment: Secondary forecasting to align production with demand’

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