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Chris Davies




Chris is in his 2nd of year of PhD research studying the integration of forecasting systems in a local SME company.  The project is funded by the company, KESS 2, and the University.  The aim of the project is to integrate forecasting into both the production planning and raw materials purchasing departments of the company with a view to improving production and inventory management, and thus increasing productivity.


Chris is a mature student who initially gained a BSc (hons) in Psychology from Bangor University in 2002.  He then spent some time working in Homelessness support services before coming back to University to start this project.  Chris is also an keen amateur photographer, techno DJ, Sci Fi addict, and rambler..


The main areas of Chris’s research are forecasting methods, analytics, and process methodologies.  As well as how people in a company environment integrate these methodologies into their workflows and the emergent insights that this integration produces.  Another research stream is the theory behind what determines when a product is chosen to be either Made to Order or Made to Stock. 


Professor Kostas Nikolopoulos

Dr. Siwan Mitchelmore

Research Cluster

Forecasting and Strategy

Working Paper

“Improving Forecasting and Inventory Management at a Local SME”


BSc. (Hons) Psychology, Bangor University

Conference Presentations

International Symposium on Forecasting 2016, “Improving Forecasting and Inventory Management at a Local SME”