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Mehmet Maksud Onal




Mehmet Maksud Onal is a PhD candidate in Finance. He obtained his master`s degree from University of Reading in 2014 and bachelor`s degree from Baskent University (Ankara, Turkey) in 2009. After his graduation, he worked as a research/teaching assistant in the Department of Economics at Dicle University and Artuklu University (Turkey) for two years.

Academic Qualifications

BSc Economics, (Baskent University)

MSc Corporate Finance (University of Reading)

Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Banking, Islamic Banking and Finance, Corporate Finance

Current Research

The importance of good corporate governance practices has increased during the last couple of decades especially after financial crises and financial scandals of huge firms. Not only nations yet also international organizations have revealed and developed principles and rules for corporate governance. Besides that, financial institutions specifically banks have a central role in economies as creditors, influencing investments and obliquely economic growth and development of a country. Therefore, the aim of the research is to examine the impact of the European Union (EU) accession on corporate governance structure of banks in the EU emerging economies, focusing on performance, risk management and ownership structure.


Professor John Ashton; Professor Lynn Hodgkinson

Research Cluster