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Dan Zhu



Prior to her research in accounting and finance, she has seven year study, research and work experience in psychology. She devotes herself in doing the cross research of those three subjects. She also has two year teaching experience in financial modelling tutorials.

Research Interests

She is interested in behavioral research in both finance and accounting, especially, risk perception, higher order beliefs, and earnings announcement.

Current Research

Her Masters dissertation “Academic Performance and Financial Performance: an Experimental Study” has been accepted by both the Behavioral Finance Working Group Conference in 2013 and The 34th International Symposium on Forecasting with an award of US$1,135 in 2014.

Her working paper “Market news, Sentiment and Financial Information Disclosure” with Lynn Hodgkinson and Qingwei Wang has been accepted by the British Accounting and Finance Association Conference in 2014 as well.

She is also working on the following papers:

“Interaction and Decomposition of Gender Difference in Financial Risk Perception” with Lynn Hodgkinson and Qingwei Wang

“Good News, Bad News and Simultaneous Disclosure” with Lynn Hodgkinson and Qingwei Wang


Professor Lynn Hodgkinson

Academic Qualifications

  • 2003-2007: BSc in Psychology, Beijing Normal University, China
  • 2007-2010: Master in Psychology (Research) Sichuan Normal University, China
  • 2010-2011: MSc in Finance with distinction, Bangor University, UK
  • 2011 onwards: PhD Candidate in Finance, Bangor University, UK