Emma Sara Hughes

Email: abp58f@bangor.ac.uk


Emma Hughes started studying at Bangor Business School in 2011. Since then she has gained a BSc in Management and Accounting, an MARes in Management and Accounting and is now studying a PhD on “‘Frames of reference’, Impression Management and Contemporary Labour Disputes”.

Academic Qualification

  • BSc Management with Accounting
  • MARes Management with Accounting

Research Interest

Her current research interests include employment relations, in particular, frames of reference on workplace conflict; and impression management in corporate communication.

Summary of Research

Emma is applying critical discourse analysis to analyse the rhetorical strategies employed by different social actors (e.g., employers, trade unions, politicians) to legitimate their arguments during contemporary workplace disputes and how these strategies are linked to broader discourses and political ideologies. She is also investigating how workplace disputes are portrayed in the media (tabloid and broadsheet newspapers). Her PhD study involves adopting a cross –country case study approach to compare labour disputes in Britain and Ireland.


Dr Doris Merkl-Davies
Professor Tony Dobbins