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Ho Phuong Lan Dang



Candidate for the PHD in Finance at Bangor University, UK from September 2016. I graduated MSC Finance at Bangor University at distinction level and have received the full BBS Studentship for PHD program in Bangor. I love to research, especially in Banking and Finance, and I find that Bangor is really an ideal environment for me to pursue my passion.

Academic Qualifications

  • MA Finance- Bangor University, United Kingdom, 2016
  • BA International Business Economics, Foreign Trade University, Viet Nam, 2015

Research Interests

I am interested in all aspects of banking system, especially in the nexus among stability, competition and efficiency in banking system.

Current Research

My main research interest is located on the first goal of the third project of financial studies, namely “Digitalization and The New Shape of Banking” which requires the analysis of the impact of digitalization on technological competition, efficiency, profitability and financial stability. My aim is focusing on indicating the new shape of competition and efficiency in the stage of digitalization, analysing the dynamics of both competition and efficiency in this era.


Professor Santiago Carbo-Valverde

Research Cluster