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Soheil Gholampur




I am a PhD candidate in Bangor Business School in the field of business and management. My research focuses on electronic procurement adoption, implementation and the use in firms, SMEs and large organisations. I hold an MSc in Advanced engineering and management and BEng in Mechanical engineering.

Academic Qualifications

  • MSc Advanced Engineering and Management - Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
  • BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering - The University of Bradford, UK.

Research Interests

My major research area spans: E-procurement, Electronic supply chain management, e-SRM, e-auctioning and e-Tendering.

I’m also interested in electronic procurement systems, from the adoption to implementation and the use as a whole process in organisations, SME’s and other institutions.

Current Research

I currently focusing on E-procurement adoption impacts on educational organisations performance and maturity and this will be further expanded to SME’s.


Professor Kostas Nikolopoulos
Professor Bernardo Batiz lazo

Research Cluster