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Yurtsez Uymaz



I attained a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey in 2007. While studying at Hacettepe University, I had opportunities to work with industry professionals during summer internships in Turkey. 

After obtaining my BS in Business Administration, I was awarded a full scholarship (full tuition waiver and monthly stipend) of Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, USA. In 2009, I earned my Master of Science degree in Economics and Finance.

Upon completing my MS in Economics and Finance, I worked at Peters Marketing Research, Inc., a leading marketing research firm in the USA. In addition to basic statistical verification of data integrity, my experience as a business analyst at Peters Marketing Research has let to expand my own personal experimentations with complex statistical analysis.

Under the supervisions of Professor John Thornton and Professor Yener Altunbas, I have started my research at Bangor Business School in February 2013. My PhD thesis topic is “Executive Accountability: Appointment impact of institutional investor-connected executives on US bank ownership and performance”. The main purpose of my research is to contribute the literature related to the institutional investment decision and the effect of the institutional investment on different bank performance indicators.

My main fields of research interest include corporate governance, investment, and financial innovation.