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Teaching and Expertise

Described as ‘the School that means Business’, Bangor Business School is a progressive institution dedicated to academic excellence. Research underpins all our teaching, meaning that students from undergraduate level and up are taught by subject experts who are contributing to the changing face of their field.

We offer a full range of learning opportunities at all levels of Higher Education, including:

  • a suite of full-time undergraduate programmes - extensively revised with a wider range of subject choices and greater flexibility for students;

Multidisciplinary School

Bangor Business School is a multidisciplinary university school that spans Accounting, Banking, Business Studies, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing. This means that we are able to offer you the opportunity to add options from any of these areas to the core programme of specialised study in your main degree discipline.

Being a multidisciplinary school offers greater flexibility to students, and the option to change your choice of degree after the first year of study, having a chance to study different topics and to think about your preferred options.


Teaching is conducted in a highly supportive environment and the flexibility, adaptation and responsiveness of staff is a strength. We emphasise small group teaching and encourage a close working relationship between staff and students, together with an 'open door' policy. This means that students are able to obtain individual attention from members of staff as and when it is needed. Independent government assessments have highlighted that the School's 'open door' policy has developed a culture of personal attention and individual care in both academic and pastoral support, with students having ready access to staff or personal tutors who are helpful and supportive.

Extracts from External Examiners' Reports also reflect some of our strengths:

"The dissertation work is of a very high standard, and this is one of the strong features of the degree. The course attracts some very fine students. A particular strength, not yet replicated in other universities, relates to the third year projects. Standards at Bangor - in terms of breadth and depth of knowledge - are very high."

Areas of expertise

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance is a long-established field at Bangor. Accounting resources include the European Accounting Resource Centre, an extensive archive of financial reporting information and data. Recently, Bangor was a major contributor to a European Accounting Research Network. Bangor was the 'Research Manager' in a major EC Harmonia project that involves some of the top accounting and finance research universities in Europe.

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance is a field in which we have an international research reputation and impressive facilities. The Institute of European Finance (IEF) is a major research facility with strong international links. These facilities are available to all of our students. Recently, the IEF with Cambridge University conducted for the European Commission one of the biggest applied research projects ever undertaken on EU banking. Further information on the School's impressive research activity and achievements in financial studies research can be seen on our research pages.

Business, Management and Marketing

Business, Management and Marketing is a strong growth area. Our lecturers and researchers have long been active in various aspects of these key disciplines. The Business School has links with local small and medium-sized companies involving the development of their management and marketing skills. Research interests span organisational structures and behaviour, entrepreneurship and small business finance, innovation, technology transfer and marketing.


Economics embraces many topical issues. Economists at Bangor are active in research across a wide range of specialisms that include labour economics, industrial economics, the economics of public choice and regional economics and the economics of the UK professional football industry.