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International Seminar on Terminology and Lexicography

On 4 September, we will be hosting an international seminar in Bangor University on the theme “Resources for Terminology and Lexicography: What we have and what we need”. We will have guest speakers from terminology centres and higher education institutions in Europe.

Publication date: 12 July 2017

Russians visit Bangor to find out about our language planning and Welsh language support

Academic researchers from Russia were recently welcomed to Canolfan Bedwyr, Bangor University’s Centre for Welsh Language Services, Technology and Research.

Publication date: 12 April 2017

RoboLlywydd and other Welsh Voices

Bangor University has created new tools for producing natural sounding synthetic voices in Welsh. They will be able to read aloud any Welsh text from a computer or mobile device. 

As part of the Macsen project, funded by the Welsh Government, a quick and easy method was devised for preparing prompts, recording individuals reading them aloud, and using information about Welsh sounds to build synthetic voices that sound very similar to the voice of the individual recorded.    

In the SeneddLab2017 event in Cardiff recently, the team for the Language Technologies UnitCanolfan Bedwyr had an opportunity to test this method, building a new voice in one hour to give oral information about the Welsh National Assembly, calling it ‘RoboLlywydd’ (‘RoboPresident’).

Publication date: 11 April 2017

Dr Prysor Williams receives Award for his outstanding contribution to science through the medium of Welsh

In a special celebration of Welsh medium higher education, a young Academic from Bangor University was recognised for his outstanding contribution to the field of science through the medium of Welsh.

Publication date: 9 March 2017

Celebrating Success on St David’s Day

Bangor University will mark St David’s Day this year by celebrating the success of three teams who scored the highest possible marks in an independent survey of Welsh language services.  

The Central Switchboard team and the Reception team in Pontio scored 100% in a survey of phone and reception services by the Welsh Language Commissioner. As part of a ‘mystery shopper’ exercise, the Commissioner’s office contacted these teams three times. On each occasion they found that a comprehensive and courteous Welsh language service was offered. The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Assurance Report was a national survey and only a relatively small number of workplaces scored 100%. 

Publication date: 28 February 2017