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Reuse at the University

British Heart Foundation Cymru (BHF) & Halls of Residence

British Heart Foundation Cymru is Bangor University's Halls of Residence reuse partner. We have been working with BHF for a few years in order to increase donations and reuse, whilst supporting a charity working continuously to improve our nation’s health.

There are two permanent donation banks, one located in the Ffriddoedd Student Village and one bank in St Mary’s Student Village, where students can donate unwanted clothing, accessories, DVDs, CDs, books etc. throughout the year. There is also a ‘Pack for Good Campaign’ that takes place at the end of term, promoting reuse and donations as well as the newly introduced end of term Reuse and Recycling Drive, which we are hoping to expand to the community in the future.

BHF also work with the University on various campaigns and events such as Waste Awareness Week, Halls to Home, and the Reuse and Recycling Drive. CPR training sessions are also organised by BHF and Campus Life, which are free for students to attend.

Bangor University and BHF Cymru’s 2018 ‘Pack for Good’ Report is available here.

Lug a Mug, Refill & Catering

The Catering Team – Eat Drink Bangor, have relaunched Bangor University branded reusable coffee mugs, water bottles and water pouches, whilst the University has recently become a ‘Refill University’. This means that you can fill your reusable water bottle at any of our catering outlets across campus (apart from Copa as there is no accessible running water).

The reusable Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles and Water Pouches are also available to buy in all our catering outlets. If you buy a coffee mug, you will receive your next hot drink for free and a 10p discount on every coffee thereafter.

Library Textbook Donations

There is a Donation Station (trolley) for unwanted textbooks in the Deiniol Library and in the Normal Library. Students are encouraged to leave any unwanted textbooks on the trolley and help themselves to any books they need. Students can also leave notices on the board behind the trolley, if they want to sell or buy a textbook.

The University’s Main Library and Wrexham Library will soon have the same facility available to students.

Updated April 2019