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Water Management

We use enough tap water to fill an Olympic size swimming pool every week, and the amount of sewage we produce each year weighs as much as the world’s entire population of Asian Elephants (all 40,000 of them !)  

It might seem that we have our fair share of water in North Wales, but it really is becoming our most precious resource. As well as the financial costs, getting water to our taps and removing it through the sewerage networks requires energy for pumping and distribution, as well as an array of chemicals for treatment. And the more we take from our rivers and lakes, the less there is available for aquatic habitats.

What you can do

  • Fill up your reusable water bottles for free at our catering outlets and the labelled taps
  • Save every drop. Don’t let taps run unnecessarily, and shower instead of taking a bath
  • Fancy a coffee? Boil only as much as you need – a double whammy, as it also reduces the amount of energy needed
  • Report faults and leaks straight away to the Maintenance Team in Property and Campus Services (Extension 2783)


Our Energy and Water Policy - Under review