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Graduation Profile: Elizabeth Crooks

Elizabeth Crooks, 21, from Stoke-on-Trent, graduated with a BSc Geography degree. She also received a Merit Scholarship to attend Bangor University.

How does it feel to be graduating?
It feels amazing to be graduating. These past three years have been the best of my life, but I am so excited to get out into the world and see what it has to offer.

Even from a young age I appreciated and loved the world, finding out its connections, how it works, how it breathes, and how humans are altering it. I wanted to be a weather presenter when I was younger, a passion which then adapted into a passion for water, water sustainability, and eventually lead me to my career path. I have two older sisters, who have constantly supported me alongside my parents, and amazing friends at home who I could not have completed this without. I play squash, leisurely and competitively, and have always had a love for hiking and walking in the great outdoors.  

Why Bangor?
Because I simply fell in love with the place! A university set between Snowdonia, the sea and glorious sunsets. The course looked fantastic and the ‘small but not too small’ feel of the university made it homely, without being overwhelming. I wanted to study a course about our planet in one of the most naturally beautiful places, as well as a university with conservation groups, hiking, kayaking and all things outdoors.

Working while studying...
I worked a part-time job at ASDA between studies. It was tough at times, but gave me the skills I needed to grow, and the money I could use to get a car and enjoy Wales.

Student Experience...
I completed a 6-week paid placement with Thames Water Utilities as a Research Scientist Summer Intern between my second and third year. It was such a valuable experience as I was given opportunities out in the field collecting research data, as well as analysing samples in top of the range laboratories. I was able to utilise and expand my capabilities on software such as GIS and Matlab, and networked with some truly amazing people in the water and wastewater industry. I completed conservation work alongside the Canals and River Trust, and truly experienced the world of work. I drove a van across London and other cities to meet clients and companies whilst representing Thames.

Clubs & Societies...
I played for the Womens First Squash Team and was the Treasurer for the Canoe Club. I was actively going on trips with Canoe Club, around Wales and to areas of the Lake District.

I hiked Snowdon 13 times during my time at Bangor! I would say each time I saw that view was a highlight of my life. Summer Ball with my housemates was also a highlight, dressed in gowns on a Ferris wheel laughing and giggling.

The future...
I am currently working as a Laboratory Technician in Stoke on Trent for Lucideon Ltd (for the summer job) – but then I start my Graduate Management Programme in Reading with Thames Water Utilities in September. I will be a graduate trainee in water production and efficiency.  I hope to grow as a person, and develop into a manager.

Publication date: 15 July 2019