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It’s never too late to learn!

A member of staff from Bangor University’s Library will be joining students in celebrating graduation week after completing a part-time postgraduate course at the School of Lifelong Learning.

Shân RobinsonShân RobinsonShân Robinson, 47, of Tregarth will be graduating with an MA in Women’s Studies this week.

“To be graduating is the best feeling in the world! It’s nice to have the opportunity to celebrate the perfect result, after years of hard work. Even better, to be sharing the experience with my family, who have supported me over the years, making sacrifices with very little complaint.

“I’m a mother of two girls from Tregarth near Bethesda who has worked in the University Library for nearly thirty years. One of the reasons I started to study was because of the fact I was with students of all abilities all day and noticed that I have as much, if not more to offer than those who came through the doors of the library.

“It was a challenging experience to continue working while studying. I think women often feel the stress of balancing family life and work, more so than men, and often feel very guilty. By adding to everyday pressures with studying, at first I thought it would be hopeless, but in fact, I’ve enjoyed every moment. I’ve made good friends, have extended my experience and of course my knowledge. Additionally, I believe that the experience of seeing their mother blossom by learning has been extremely positive for my children.

“I had the experience of presenting papers at conferences. In 2011, I presented at the Welsh Women's Conference; in 2012, I presented at the NAASWCH Conference (North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History) and Bangor University’s School of Music Conference – ‘The Creative Woman’. It’s a privilege to be invited to present a paper at a conference, but also a challenge, especially for a novice. It must be said that every possible support was offered to me during each stage. I’m grateful to the audience for their positive response and patience. Following my presentation at the Welsh Women’s Conference I was invited to join the committee.

“The highlight of the course was to see a copy of my research bound and ready to be submitted.

“From the outset, the main purpose in studying was to broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge, so in that sense, I feel that I've succeeded. In terms of employment, it was for personal reasons rather than a career that drove me; it’s true to say that I’ve gained skills and confidence that are bound to benefit my work every day.”

Publication date: 12 July 2013