Head of School

Dr Andy Webb 388624 Senior Lecturer and Head of School

Administrative Staff

Julie Boulton 383023 Student Administrator (Research Postgraduates)
Susan Metcalfe 383112 Student Administration
Angela Pritchard 382928 Student Administration
Nicola Williams 382287 General Administration

Academic Staff

Dr DeAnn Bell 383612 Lecturer in Creative Writing
Dr Silvia Bergamini 382595 Lecturer in Italian Studies, Course Director (Italian)
Dr Armelle Blin-Rolland 382131 Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies, UG Course Director French, School Year Abroad Coordinator, Internationalisation Officer (Outgoing Students)
Dr Eva Bru-Domínguez 388830 Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, MA Programme Lead (European Languages and Cultures), Research Seminar Coordinator
Ms Alys Conran 383788 Lecturer in Creative Writing
Dr Jessica Clapham 388702 383088 Lecturer in TEFL (Part-Time)
Dr Sarah Cooper 388883 Lecturer in Phonetics and Bilingualism, Admissions and Communications Officer (English Language and Linguistics), Research Seminar Co-ordinator
Dr Michael Durrant 382536 Lecturer in English Literature, Admissions and Communications Officer (English Literature and Creative Writing)
Dr Jonathan Ervine 382129 Senior Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies, Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Communication, Admissions and Communications Officer (Modern Languages)
Professor Andrew Hiscock 382563 Professor of English Literature, PGT Lead, Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes
Dr Daniel Hughes Lecturer in English Literature
Dr Karin Koehler 382113 Lecturer in English Literature, Welcome Week Co-ordinators, Research Seminar Coordinator (team of 3)
Dr Jonathan Lewis 382119 Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies
Dr Maureen McCue 382122 Lecturer in English Literature, Employability Officer
Dr Rossella Merlino 382125 Lecturer in Italian, (On research leave until September 2020)
Dr Helena Miguélez-Carballeira 382041 Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies,
MA Programme Lead (Translation Studies)
Dr David Miranda-Barreiro 388577 Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, Welcome Week Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Course Director for Hispanic Studies
Dr Sue Niebrzydowski 382111 Reader in Medieval Literature, Senior Tutor, Disability contact and MA programme lead (MA in Medieval Studies)
Athanasia Papastergiou 382267 Lecturer in Linguistics, Pastoral Care Lead (Linguistics)
Dr Sarah Pogoda 382521 Lecturer in German Studies, Student-Staff-Liaison Officer, Pastoral Care Lead (Modern Languages and Cultures)
Professor Steven Price 382107 Professor of English Literature, UG Course Director English Literature
Ms Claire Quinn 382811 Lecturer in TEFL (Part-Time)
Professor Raluca Radulescu 382110 Professor of English Literature, Deputy Head of School and Director of Research
Professor Carol Rumens 382109 Professor of Creative Writing
Dr Eirini Sanoudaki 388638 Senior Lecturer in Language Acquisition; Director of Graduate Studies, Director of Postgraduate Research Programmes
Professor Anna Saunders 382135 Professor of German Studies, Deputy Head of School and Director of Teaching and Learning, UG Course Director German
Dr Christopher Shank 383590 Lecturer in Linguistics, Director of Student Engagement, Welcome Week Co-ordinator
Dr Zoe Skoulding 382106 Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, MA Programme Lead (Creative Writing), UG Course Director Creative Writing
Dr Marco Tamburelli 382078 Reader in Bilingualism, Deputy Head of School and Director of Impact and Engagement
Dr Thora Tenbrink 382263 Reader in Cognitive Linguistics, Ethics Officer
Professor Carol Tully 382132 Professor of German Studies,
Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students)
Dr Alan Wallington 388639 Lecturer in Cognitive Linguistics (part-time); MA Programme Lead (Linguistics), Internationalisation officer (Incoming Students)
Dr Shasha Wang 382117 Lecturer in Chinese Studies, Course Director (Chinese)
Dr Peredur Webb-Davies 382198 Senior Lecturer in Welsh Linguistics; UG Course Director: Linguistics and English Lang, Director of Welsh Medium
Professor Helen Wilcox 382109 Professor of English Literature, MA Programme Lead (English Literature)

Teaching Assistants and Tutors

Iria Aboi-Ferradás 382099 Galician Language Assistant
Ms Fiona Cameron 382213 Part-time Tutor (English Literature)
Mr Ruben Chapela 382099 Spanish Tutor
Ms Martina Codice 382242 Graduate Teaching Assistant (Italian)
Ms Lana Feldmann 383240 German Teaching Assistant (DAAD)
Sarah Goddard 382551 Welsh Medium Graduate Teaching Assistant in French
Sara Borda Green 388266 Welsh Medium Graduate Teaching Assistant in Spanish
Ms Amber Hancock Part-time Tutor (English Literature)
Dr Kathy Hopewell 383788 Part-time Tutor (English Literature)
Jelle Kisjes 382640 Dutch Tutor
Ms Françoise Lievens 383606 French Tutor
Ms Lorena López 382084 Graduate Teaching Assistant (Spanish)
Elena Castillo Ramirez 382084 Graduate Teaching Assistant (Spanish)
Mireille van der Stoep 382640 Dutch Tutor
Nathalie Thomas Graduate Teaching Assistant (French)
Ms Judit Vari 382595 Graduate Teaching Assistant (German)
Mr Gareth White 382242 Graduate Teaching Assistant (Italian)

Honorary Staff

Professor Tony Brown Emeritus Professor of English Literature
Professor Tom Corns Emeritus Professor of English Literature
Professor P.J.C. Field Emeritus Professor of English Literature
Professor Ian Gregson Emeritus Professor of Creative Writing
Professor Martin J. Ball Emeritus Professor of Linguistics
Professor David Crystal Honorary Professor of Linguistics
Professor Margaret Deuchar Emeritus Professor of Linguistics
Professor Eddie Williams Professor of Linguistics
Dr Francis Gooding Retired Lecturer