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Research News: November 2012

Hard to fish areas of the seabed may act as refuges for endangered skate

Marine scientists working in the Celtic Sea have discovered a natural refuge for the critically endangered flapper skate. Many elasmobranchs (sharks, rays and skates) are highly vulnerable to over-fishing, but a new paper in the open access journal PLOS ONE shows that small areas of the seabed that experience below-average fishing intensity can sustain greater populations of these species.

Publication date: 15 November 2012

Through revolutionary methods . . . ? A conference to evaluate five decades of language campaigning.

On Friday and Saturday 16-17 November, the School of Welsh at Bangor – in conjunction with Aberystwyth University’s Institute of Welsh Politics (and with the financial support of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol) – will host a major interdisciplinary conference in order to evaluate the influence of more than fifty years of language campaigning on the political and cultural life of Wales.

Publication date: 13 November 2012

Bangor University contributes to ‘Buildings as Power Stations’ technology

Bangor University’s School of Chemistry is contributing to a research project which could put Wales at the forefront of global renewable energy technology.

Publication date: 12 November 2012

Increasing Broadband capacity two thousand-fold - for the same price

Could you use a broadband service that is two thousand times faster, but costs you the same?  A revolutionary “future-proof” technology, first proposed by Bangor University, is the front-runner in satisfying future demand for dramatically increased internet speeds and capacity.

Publication date: 5 November 2012

Majority favours assisted dying

New international research reveals that the majority responding to questions about assisted suicide, are in favour.  This contrasts with a recent review of research that suggests that UK doctors consistently oppose euthanasia.

The results, drawn from the views of over 62,000 people who contributed views to a large number of research papers on the subject from different countries, reveals for the first time, that people from very different backgrounds and experience, on the whole, share similar views on this topic.

Publication date: 5 November 2012