Gwybodaeth am Coronafirws (Covid-19)

Our Research Strategy

Overall aim

Bangor University will be seeking to consolidate its position as one of the top universities in Wales and be amongst the top 40 Universities in the UK. Bangor 's success should be built around the current base of research in all of its academic disciplines . To create an external profile , a smaller number of research themes will be developed to stand out as distinct, world leading research areas. These themes will reflect Bangor's strengths, help define a Bangor University brand and demonstrate the quality of research in Bangor. These themes will be underscored by greater research excellence in all subject areas. To achieve this we need to improve both the volume and quality of research outputs and further grow and diversify our research income. We must also position ourselves to take full advantage of European, UK and Welsh Government research priorities. We should also seek to capitalize on the university's own unique blend of expertise and its geography to create a unique reputation for high quality research in the context of being a provider of excellent undergraduate education.

This research s trategy has to be integrated with the university's strategies for internationalisation, teaching and learning and partnership as well as embrace the opportunities provided by Pontio to ensure a single and consolidated approach to research development within the university. The strategy should be embodied in an annual planning cycle that asks each school and college to address the strategic drivers and how they are able to address the many and diverse challenges facing Higher Education today and in the years ahead.

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