Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Online Registration

All students (including visiting students and members of University staff studying for an award) must formally register centrally with the Student Administration section of the University.  This takes place at the start of your course and subsequently, every September, will need to confirm continued attendance. The University is required to maintain up to date information on all students, and monitor your attendance and engagement.

You have a responsibility to ensure that you are aware of all your financial obligations and have made the necessary arrangements for payment prior to registration. Late registration and late payment charges will be applied in accordance with the University’s fee schedules in force for the academic session – see full details of fee charges and refund policies.

During the on-line enrolment and re-registration processes you will also be requested to check and complete some personal statistical data. We will send some of the information we hold about you to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). This forms your HESA record, which includes details of your ethnic group and any disabilities you have. HESA will pass your record, or parts of it, to organisations that need it to carry out their statutory functions connected with funding higher education. For further details please see the HESA Student Collection Notice.

Towards the end of your studies, we will pass your contact details to the organisation (usually a marketing company) that has been contracted to carry out the National Student Survey. That organisation will use your details only for that purpose, and will then delete them. About six months after you graduate, you will be contacted to ask you to fill in the HESA ‘Destination of Leavers from HE’ survey. We will not give your contact details to HESA. You might be included in a sample of leavers who are surveyed again a few years after they graduate. If so, we will pass your contact details to the organisation that has been contracted to carry out that survey. That organisation will use your details only for that purpose, and will then delete them. (If you do not want to take part in these surveys, please let us know).

New Students

All new Bangor University students (students commencing a new programme of study) now enrol on-line. Your enrolment letter or email will contain the necessary information to create your university computer and email account. Your university email account will be used to communicate with you for all academic and administrative purposes and it is a condition of your registration that you access this account at least once a week.

The system will open for you from the middle of August 2020, and will only be available for a limited period (usually the end of the third week of semester one), so please ensure that you enrol promptly. If you are prepared, then it should not take long to complete. Please note that your registration at the University will not be finalised until you have completed the online process and have also provided us with proof of your identity.

Information regarding appointments for ID checks will be published here when they are available (from week commencing 24th August).

Information regarding the collection of student ID cards will be published here when it is available.

If you are a member of University staff you will have been allocated a separate student user account and will need to activate this account as instructed.

Continuing Students

All continuing students must re-register on-line every year,for administrative purposes only, and is not intended to be used for changing academic options (e.g. selecting or switching modules or courses, etc). Please see the Course Queries FAQs for guidance on academic matters. Once the results have been finalised for your previous academic year, you will be able to complete online re-registration (the link to that page will be visible to you in the progression message that you receive on MyBangor). If you have not already made arrangements to pay your tuition, or other fees, and/or have not satisfied other academic and/or administrative requirements, you will not be able to access the system and you should contact for advice.

If you need to discuss something prior to confirming your registration status, then first check our FAQ section. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for there,then please contact as soon as possible explaining your position. If you have not re-registered by the advertised deadlines (please see above), then you will be liable for a ‘late registration’ charge.

Please remember to quote your student ID number (500...) in all correspondence.