Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Increasingly therapists of all theoretical backgrounds are recognizing mindfulness as an effective way to support and enhance their capacity for therapeutic relationship.

This training offers an opportunity to work with two highly experience therapists and mindfulness teachers. Jody Mardula and Eluned Gold each have over 30 years' experience as therapists, supervisors and trainers of therapists, and have each worked with mindfulness for more than 20 years.

During this retreat style training we will be taking the opportunity to develop a depth of mindfulness practice through which we can and explore ways to integrate mindfulness into our lives and therapeutic work. 

Research into therapy and mindfulness teaching, indicates that it is the embodied presence of the therapist which has the greatest influence on the outcome of therapy regardless of the therapeutic model. Mindfulness can influence therapy in a number of ways, e.g. influencing the 'being' of the therapist, influencing the orientation of the sessions, and influencing behaviours and attitudes of both therapist and client. This retreat style training addresses each of these.

Taking this opportunity to sink into a depth of mindfulness practice will deepen your own capacity for connection with yourself and others, and create space to nurture and inspire you as a therapeutic practitioner. Working alongside others with similar aspirations and desire for self-care and inspiration enhances all our experience.

The training takes place in the wonderful environment of Trigonos, a retreat and education centre situated in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, overlooking the Nantlle lake; truly a place of nurture and inspiration.

Jody and Eluned have a wide range and depth of experience of therapy, training and mindfulness and enjoy bringing these elements together in a very relational and experiential training, to support the self-nurture and inspiration of mindful therapists.

A bit more information about Jody and Eluned:
We have both trained in Transactional Analysis as a core training, also integrating other models including person-centred, psychodynamic, CBT, gestalt, solution focused and attachment-based therapies. We are both experienced psychotherapy Supervisors and Examiners. 

Jody has written two chapters on mindfulness and psychotherapy1.  She worked for many years in the field of addictions, as a therapist, trainer and manager and was a co-founder of the Cheshire Institute for psychotherapy training. Jody developed the 'Appetite Pathway' model for working with self-harm. She is currently writing a book on Mindfulness with Acquired Brain Injury.

Eluned has worked extensively with families and children in care. She is a qualified relationship therapist. Eluned has written chapters on mindfulness with children and mindfulness and relationships. She has developed a mindfulness course for parents, and offers training to teach this course. 

This retreat style training will be of interest to therapists generally including:
Clinical psychologists; Psychiatrists; Therapists working in: CAMHS, IAPT, DBT, Children and families, addictions, Clinical work, psychological aspect of physical ill health, Brain injury. Group work.

The training aims to enhance the mindful relational aspects of both short term and in-depth therapeutic work with individuals and groups.



1Mardula, J. (2013). MINDFULNESS and INDIVIDUAL THERAPY. The Handbook of Individual Therapy, 445.
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