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Llyfr newydd gan Andrew McStay

Mae Routledge wedi cyhoeddi llyfr newydd o'r enw "Creativity and Advertising: Affect, Events and Process” o waith Andrew McStay, Darlithydd yn yr Ysgol Astudiaethau Creadigol a'r Cyfryngau. Yn ei weithiau blaenorol bu'n ymdrin â hysbysebu digidol a phreifatrwydd ond, yn y gwaith hwn, mae'n dilyn trywydd newydd gan ymdrin â pha mor ganolog ac allweddol yw creadigrwydd i hysbysebu effeithiol. Mae'r broliant i'r llyfr yn ei ddisgrifio fel a ganlyn:

“Creativity and Advertising develops novel ways to theorise advertising and creativity. Arguing that combinatory accounts of advertising based on representation, textualism and reductionism are of limited value, Andrew McStay suggests that advertising and creativity are better recognised in terms of the ‘event’. Drawing on a diverse set of philosophical influences including Scotus, Spinoza, Vico, Kant, Schiller, James, Dewey, Schopenhauer, Whitehead, Bataille, Heidegger and Deleuze, the book posits a sensational, process-based, transgressive, lived and embodied approach to thinking about media, aesthetics, creativity and our interaction with advertising.

Elaborating an affective account of creativity, McStay assesses creative advertising from Coke, Evian, Google, Sony, Uniqlo and Volkswagen among others, and articulates the ways in which award-winning creative advertising may increasingly be read in terms of co-production, playfulness, ecological conceptions of media, improvisation, and immersion in fields and processes of corporeal affect.

Philosophically wide-ranging yet grounded in robust understanding of industry practices, the book will also be of use to scholars with an interest in aesthetics, art, design, media, performance, philosophy and those with a general interest in creativity.”

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Dyddiad cyhoeddi: 22 Ebrill 2013